It been a while

Yes, six years since I last blogged. I decided to take a break and was on the verge of going where “old bloggers” go.

Bad Ukranian Translations
Так, шість років відтоді, як я востаннє вела блог. Я вирішив зробити перерву і був на порозі піти туди, куди ходять «старі блогери».

But recent events have called my attention, and I couldn't stay silent any longer.

Але останні події привернули мою увагу, і я більше не міг мовчати.

Vladimir Smeagol
There is a demon around. He's a nasty bastard and needs to be exorcised. Russia needs to know the nature of the devil they have spawned.

Навколо демон. Він мерзенний виродок, і його потрібно вигнати. Росія повинна знати природу диявола, якого вони породили

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is despicable. I had a feeling when the annexed Crimea that the story was finished.

Putin is a power hungry megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to achieve his warped view of the world. The atrocities that he as committed in Ukraine are inhuman, the same madness that drove Hitler resulting in five years of war.

The thought that Putin has horrendous arms available, is frightening. He has no morals, he is a madman and he is totally out of control.

When I heard that the Moscow Patriarch Kirill had stated that Russia’s ‘military operation’ in Ukraine was justified, I was horrified. How can a religious leader in the 21st Century condone war? How can he align himself with a madman like Putin is unbelievable. He is straight out of the pages of medieval history.

I don’t know where this blog will go.

I will keep posting updates on Ukraine and the world. Maybe not daily, but who knows…

I must apologise for the design of this post. WordPress has changed since I was lat here… I am lost!

Russia, Ukraine, Putin, demon, war, religion

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