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Why we Need Wikileaks

“Since the post-9/11 launch of U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the corporate-controlled mainstream media has been remarkably successful at keeping the realities of war away from the TV screens. News executives have heeded the complaints of war hawks complaining about “unpatriotic” coverage of war and have clamped down tightly on images that might turn public opinion against war. Until recently, this censorship of war casualties included a prohibition on the broadcasting of images of military coffins arriving at Dover Air Force Base. Ignoring the grim realities of war also has allowed for its glamorization through television programs such as “Stars Earn Stripes.””The Human Cost of War on Iran

Now watch this:



Now read this:

The Human Cost of War on Iran


The mainstream media are not telling the people the real truth, by omission, they are lying to the public.

In that video I did not see one weapon on the ground.

No RPGs, no AK-47s “we have five or six individuals armed with AK-47s” that was bullshit, pure bullshit.

What we had was an Apache helicopter full of bloodthirsty, trigger happy, murderous bastards.

There was no mention of weapons found at the scene by the ground forces.

Now one can see why the American military didn’t want this video released.

This is why we need Wikileaks, because the authorities are lying to the people.

How many videos like this never reached the people?

Any attack in the Middle East will be the same, the people will NOT be told the truth, before, during nor after the event, because the government doesn’t want the people to be sensitised to the atrocities and aftermath.

Keep the people ignorant, and the people remain compliant.


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A Forgotten Point

It has all but been forgotten that the original charges against Julian Assange were dropped by the Swedish prosecution.

Only after interference by the USA were the charges reinstated.

Now tell me about the Swedish justice system.

The charges were reinstated to get Assange to Sweden where he could then be extradited to the USA easier than from England.

Media Circus

I have just read the most despicable series of comments written by journalists from around the world. Media Reaction to Balcony Speech, BBC

There wasn’t an ounce of serious journalism in them.

The authors and approving editors need to be sacked for such a disgrace. More worried about his shirt and tie than the issue, they made fools of themselves.

How about some serious journalism?

Assange has never tried to evade the Swedish investigation. He has made several attempts to have the questions asked in a safe location where extradition to the USA is not an issue, but the Swedes have refused. If the Swedes were interested in justice, they should welcome the opportunity.

Which, apparently, they are not.

This is all that despite the fact that the extradition is based on investigation, which is not extraditable, Assange can only be extradited if he has been charged, which he has not. Therefore Assange is perfectly within his rights to feel that the extradition is illegal. How the British and European justice system has failed in this respect one can only imagine more interference by the Americans behind closed doors, which the Americans are so good at, and this is what Wikileaks is all about in exposing this type of  skullduggery.

America, Britain and Sweden are going to finish up with egg all over their faces.

Especially, if consular repercussions are a possibility.

Australia should be ashamed of itself. Assange is an Australian citizen, and his own government have washed their lily-white hands of him. Guess why, wouldn’t want to upset the Americans, would we?

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Britain dares to go where no man has gone before…

“Earlier, the UK Foreign Office warned it could lift the embassy’s diplomatic status to fulfil a “legal obligation” to extradite the 41-year-old by using the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987.

That allows the UK to revoke the diplomatic status of an embassy on UK soil, which would potentially allow police to enter the building to arrest Mr Assange for breaching the terms of his bail.”

Read more




Take a look at the provisions of the Vienna Convention 1961 to which Britain is a signatory:

Article 22

    1.The premises of the mission shall be inviolable. The agents of
the receiving State may not enter them, except with the consent of the
head of the mission.
    2.The receiving State is under a special duty to take all
appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any
intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the
mission or impairment of its dignity.
    3.The premises of the mission, their furnishings and other
property thereon and the means of transport of the mission shall be
immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.


Which means the British law DOES NOT and CANNOT supersede the Vienna Convention.

If Britain tries to enforce its Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987, it is in direct violation of the Convention. Something which no other country in the world has dared to do; not the Chinese, not the Russians, but nobody.

Ecuador has behaved properly in this matter. Granting asylum in the face of jurisdictions that have been warped by the voracious need of the USA and its need for blood.

The fact that Sweden has refused to avail itself of the opportunity to conduct its investigation abroad instead of pursuing extradition, shows that they have absolutely no interest in justice over the matter with which Assange is charged, rather their intention is obvious; to get Assange in a position where he can be extradited to the USA.

The Americans had their nose bloodied by the Wikileaks releases, and they are determined to be the bully and exact revenge.

Note, that Britain has said it will arrest Assange if he leaves the mission.

“the means of transport of the mission shall be immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.”

If Assange is transported by mission transport, he can’t be touched.

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Not Deemed Newsworthy

I haven’t seen this on mainstream media, not that I have checked them ALL, but it appears that this is not newsworthy…

Manning judge orders prosecutors to explain alleged evidence cover-up

Bradley Manning (Alex Wong / Getty Images / AFP)

In response to calls from the defense, a military judge has ordered US Army prosecutors to detail their effort to obtain and share evidence they collected in the case of Bradley Manning, the man suspected of leaking classified files to WikiLeaks.

­Monday’s ruling by Col. Denise Lind is a partial victory for Manning’s defense team, which said prosecutors failed to duly share evidence they plan to present in the military trial. Of particular interest to defense lawyer David Coombs were written assessments by governmental agencies of the damage the leak allegedly caused.

Manning is charged with hurting America’s national security and assisting its enemies by sending classified materials to WikiLeaks, a charge his defense challenges. Coombs says the dragging of feet over evidence-sharing affects the suspect’s right to a fair trial.

Military prosecutor Army Maj. Ashden Fein insists that his team acts in line with its duty while collecting evidence and sharing it with the defense. He said the process was time consuming due to the large number of government agencies it involves.

Yet the judge told prosecutors to draft a “due diligence statement,” detailing their work over the two years since Manning was charged. She set the deadline for July 25, but indicated that it may be pushed back if necessary.

Bradley Manning, 24, is facing 22 charges over his actions in 2009 and 2010, when he served as an intelligence analyst at a Baghdad base. He faces possible life imprisonment over the alleged crimes.

Source: RT Question More

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Saturday Satire

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Saturday Satire on Sunday

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American Justice is an Oxymoron

Bradley Manning hearing: charges to be laid out by prosecution

The charges against Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of orchestrating the largest leak of state secrets in American history, are set to be laid out by the prosecution.

The preliminary hearing to establish whether the US soldier should face a full court martial for allegedly passing more than 250,000 US embassy cables to WikiLeaks, got off to a dramatic start on Friday when his lawyer demanded that the investigating officer step aside because of alleged bias.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Almanza, the military equivalent to a judge in the proceedings, rejected the call by Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, to stand down and suspend the hearing pending an appeal on the grounds that he works as a prosecutor for the US justice department.

The department is involved in a criminal pursuit of Julian Assange, founder WikiLeaks, to which Manning is alleged to have transferred a huge trove of US embassy cables and other confidential materials.

Almanza said that under the rules of military justice, a “reasonable person” would not conclude that he was incapable of conducting an impartial investigation into the charges against Manning.

“I don’t believe I’m biased,” Almanza said, explaining that his government work concerns child exploitation and obscenity. He said he has not talked about WikiLeaks or Manning with anyone in the department or FBI.

Source: The Guardian Read more


There is no way in hell that this guy is going to get a fair trial within the military system. Everything, absolutely everything is weighted against him.

The investigating officer has refused 36 of his 38 witnesses, and then claims he “has no bias”. What a load of bullshit!

This guy may, and I say may get a fairly decent trial in civil court, but he certainly won’t get one in the military even if hell did freeze over.

The government need a scapegoat, and everything will be done to see that they get one, even if it means that an innocent man is convicted.

The real culprit here is the government itself. Irrespective if it was Manning who ‘leaked’ the material. The government’s system obviously wasn’t ‘secure’ enough, but then the government would never admit that would they.

Another quote from The Guardian article:

“But Mandie Stanley, a 19-year-old who lives on the Army post with her husband, a member of the Air Force, was less supportive.

“That man did something very wrong,” she said. Stanley spotted the protesters and decided to come out with a sign that said: “Don’t leak classified information, stupid!””

Shit, she has the man guilty even before he’s proven guilty. This is a perfect example of military thinking. Get a life woman!

This man will be found guilty, whether rightly or wrongly. The government has to save face.

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Assange Loses Extradition Appeal

A supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, participates at a demonstration outside the Swedish Embassy In London


“Ciaron O’Reilly, 51, said: “Assange is probably the most amazing person in recent history who’s upset so many powerful people in such a short space of time so it’s obviously not a level playing field.”

Source: BBC News Read more


Absolutely. Let’s see if Sweden hand him over to the Americans. Then we will understand if Sweden understands the word ‘justice.’



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