Putin’s Fantasies

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a history lesson for Putin based on what I know through my delving into languages.

It turns out that I wasn’t too wrong. I left out some bits, but on the whole I was on the right track.

Note: There is nothing to the East… just Hordes

Now, in my browsings last night, I came across a YouTube from Kings and Generals, that went back to the 4th century and shows clearly that the Ukranians were around centuries before Tsars, so far back to when Kyiv Rus was a thriving metropolis and Moscow was little more that a village peopled by unruly thugs… It still is!

So, go and check out: Ancient Origins of the Kyivan Rus: From Rurikids to Mongols on Kings and Generals and see for yourself that Putin is a WANKER!

For those who don’t understand “Wanker“, it is a person who get his sexual jollies from fantasies in his head.

I’m so pleased that I got the story nearly right. Putin was full of shit!


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