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Morales is Miffed

Coming in to land at El Alto (La Paz) Airport

Coming in to land at El Alto (La Paz) Airport

I see Bolivia is a tad more than miffed at having their president banned from flying over France, Italy, Spain and Portugal through their airspace and forcing a stopover in Austria, where Morales consented to having his plane searched for the US whistleblower.

What would have happened if Morales had refused under diplomatic immunity?

Further food for thought; what would have happened if Morales jet had defied the four-country ban and flown over any of those countries? Would they have shot it down? Would the cowards have the balls to do that?

We all know who was to blame for the ban.

The Bolivian president is considering closing the US Embassy as a result, four other South American nations are also considering the case.

“The Bolivian president blamed Washington for pressurising European countries into refusing him passage.

“My hand would not shake to close the US embassy,” Mr Morales said.

“We have dignity, sovereignty. Without the United States, we are better politically and democratically.””BBC News

I am beginning to think that he may be right, not only Bolivia,but the rest of the world might be better off without American interference. Politically, Washington is getting too big for its boots.

Imagine if: “”If this had happened to the president of the United States, it probably would have been grounds for war,” said Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.” BBC News


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Argentina declares the Falklands referendum ‘illegal’

Would they say that if they got the result they wanted?

The Falkland Islands

Argentina has adopted a very odd position on the question of self-determination for the Falkland Islands. The referendum that will be held on the territory’s political status on Monday is simply “illegal” and “irrelevant”, says Alicia Castro, the Argentine ambassador in London. When she set out this position on Monday, I asked whether Argentina would take the same view if the Islanders were to vote to be governed from Buenos Aires. “Yes”, was the unequivocal answer.

The ambassador was joined by Prof Marcelo Kohen, an Argentine international lawyer, who confirmed that the “outcome” of any referendum is “irrelevant” to the question of its legality. All perfectly true and logical.

But think this through for a moment. If some future generation of Falkland Islanders were to vote to unite with Argentina, Buenos Aires would have to denounce that as an illegal verdict. Ms Castro says that Argentina prides itself on its adherence to international law, so the country could not possibly take possession of a territory as a result of an illegal referendum.

If the Islanders ever decided to be part of Argentina, the British Government would have to hand them over, in line with its own commitment to self-determination. But Argentina would be compelled to turn this down, given that it believes the Islanders’ views are “irrelevant” and any expression of them via a referendum is “illegal”. On Argentina’s current position, a transfer of sovereignty by the consent of the Islanders – as registered in a referendum – would be illegal and therefore unacceptable. The only way that Buenos Aires could gain possession of the Islands would be if the inhabitants were not consulted. If they were asked to join Argentina and the answer was “yes”, Buenos Aires would have to reject this verdict just as surely as if the outcome was “no”. As I say, this is a very odd position.

During her press briefing on Monday, Ms Castro also voiced her indignation about the treatment of the Chagos Islanders back in the 1970s. If you remember, they were shifted off their home on a British territory in the Indian Ocean to make way for an American base. Two big countries – Britain and the US – decided the fate of this island people without any reference to their wishes. How strange that Ms Castro should sound so irritated by this. That is exactly the same approach – if not, in fairness, the same outcome – that Argentina favours in respect of the Falklands.

I know logic can be annoying. But I’d respectfully suggest that Argentina’s government is a bit confused on all this.



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The British may be Behaving like Fanatics over the Falklands

But the Argentinians are behaving likes despots!

Falkland Islanders ‘must decide own future’, says Hague

The forthcoming referendum on the Falkland Islands’ sovereignty has been dismissed as meaningless by Argentina

It must be up to the people of the Falkland Islands to “decide their own future”, William Hague has said after meeting islands’ representatives.

The foreign secretary said he welcomed the results of the islanders’ referendum on sovereignty in March.

He earlier met Jan Cheek and Dick Sawle, of the islands’ legislative assembly, at the Foreign Office.

He added it was a “shame” Argentine foreign minister Hector Timerman had declined to attend that meeting.


Mrs Cheek and Mr Sawle said they were “disappointed but hardly surprised” at his absence.

“Mr Timerman dismisses us as ‘settlers’. Well, we are settlers. Like countries across the continent of the Americas, we came into existence through waves of settlement from Europe and elsewhere,” said Mrs Cheek.

“Indeed, we Falkland Islanders settled in our home long before many parts of Argentina were settled by the Argentines,” she continued.

“Mr Timerman knows full well that it is simply untrue to say that we have fewer political rights than anyone else, or that the United Nations has said that self-determination does not apply to the Falklands, or that UN resolutions preclude Argentina from sitting down with us.

“Repeating these misrepresentations doesn’t make them any truer, however inconvenient for Argentina.”

Buenos Aires was “deeply worried about our referendum”, she said, “which is why they spend so much time dismissing it”.

“Talk of the Falklands being Argentine in 20 years makes for good headlines – but smacks of desperation.

Read more

Read more


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Venezuela bans private gun ownership

The government implemented a gun amnesty ahead of the introduction of the new law

Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition.

Until now, anyone with a gun permit could buy arms from a private company.

Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.

The ban is the latest attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime ahead of elections in October

Venezuela saw more than 18,000 murders last year and the capital, Caracas, is thought to be one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America.

‘Must do more’

The government has been running a gun amnesty in the run-up to the introduction of the new law to try to encourage people to give up their illegal arms without fear of consequences.

Source: BBC News  Read more


Criminals do not buy arms over the counter!

Principle reason that Chaves is full of shit!

Banning private firearms and commercials sales of same, is a government knee jerk reaction because they ARE SCARED SHITLESS OF THE VENEZUELANS WHO HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF CHAVES!

And suspect that they will use the said firearms to rid themselves of the disease that governs Venezuela and have a free election.

It has NOTHING to do with safety! That is just the convenient excuse to make the people submit.

If you look at history, only tyrants and dictators disarm the people…

Watch who’s next… The USA! They will try to disarm the American people…

Good luck on that!

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Do we pray to the same God?

Reading on BBC News

“But we are warriors in facing adversity and with faith in God, in Christ the Redeemer, and with this immense love from the Venezuelan people… we will prevail.”- Hugo Chavez in respect of his accusation, OAS – “a tool the US uses against us”.

Do the Americans not pray to the same God?

Will they not also ‘prevail’?

The absurdities of religion and politics!

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Is there a Falklands Solution?

Current Falkland Islands' flag

I think, yes.

Given the threatening authority of Argentina and the determination of Britain to maintain island security, I believe there is a middle ground.

Britain needs to give the Falkland Islands their independence, in much the same way as Jamaica achieved the same in 1962 while maintaining a Commonwealth Realm hold on the islands as protection against any military incursion.

Hellerick's proposed Falkland's flag

Once independent and with a flag of their own, the next step is for the United Nations to accept admission.

This as a solution would protect the islands and any further claim by Argentina would in fact be a declaration of war on another country.

Personally I see Hellerick’s flag as a compromise between the flags of Britain, retaining the Coat of Arms, and Argentina’s colours, given that the bottom bar is in the form of waves; all highly appropriate, given their geographic location, which is a part of Argentina’s grief. I see such a vexillographic compromise as a vital part of the solution.

At the moment, the Falkland Islanders are British. With Independence they would become Falkland Islanders, neither British, nor Argentinian.

Can't get much more British than red telephone booths and post boxes

Any success by the Argentinians to make the Falklands a part of Argentina has clearly been soundly rejected by the people who have collectively determined that they don’t want any part of Argentina or it’s corrupt government. They, at least the majority, are of British stock and should not be obliged to change their heritage, customs, language or form of governance by anybody.

The Falklands would have their own maritime exclusive zone that would not conflict with that of Argentina.

The Falkland Islanders can be left in peace and be subjected to the capricious whims of neither the greedy British nor the Argentinians to form their own government and constitution.

Matters of oil exploration can then be decided by their own government, not the British who would obviously profit handsomely; nor the avarice of the Argentinians.

The Falklanders would be able to decide who explores, who drills and who their customers are. More importantly, it would give the Falklanders financial independence.

Basically, the answer to the conflict is, send both parties packing, or in more blunt language, “Sod off and leave us in peace!”

Proud to be Falklanders

I think that this message is doubly important seeing that we are approaching the 30th anniversary of the sad state of affairs in 1982 and the possibility of matters coming to a head.

Who knows, perhaps in fifty years, like Jamaica, full independence can be considered and the links to Britain severed in safety.

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Another ‘Has Been’ Wanker

Falkland Islands belong to you, Morrissey tells Argentinian fans

Morrissey told the audience at an Argentinian gig that the Falkland Islands 'belong to you'. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

The singer Morrissey has become the latest celebrity to endorse Argentina‘s claims over the Falkland Islands, telling a crowd in the Argentinian city of Córdoba, “we know the islands belong to you”.

Diplomatic tensions between Argentina and the UK have been mounting ahead of the 30th anniversary of the invasion of the islands by Argentina on 2 April 1982. Last month British diplomats accused Argentina of trying to isolate the Falklands by putting pressure on Chile to end flights there. On Monday, two British cruise ships were prevented from docking at an Argentinian port.

Morrissey’s comments follow similar endorsements by the US actor Sean Penn and the Pink Floyd bass player Roger Waters. “The Malvinas Islands, everybody knows they belong to Argentina,” Morrissey said from the stage of the Orfeo stadium in Córdoba. “So please don’t blame the British people, we know the islands belong to you.”

The comments brought enthusiastic cheers from the crowd before he launched into the 1984 Smiths track Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

Source: The Guardian Read more


Another third rate wanker (Penn, Waters & now Morrissey) pushing his ticket sales in Argentina by siding with them on the Falklands story.

I would almost guarantee that none of these three has beens has even taken the trouble to look up Falkland Island’s history before frothing off at the mouth.

These people are making me very angry simply because they are using the situation for their own ends and self-promotion without having any iota what they are talking about.



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Argentina leader Fernandez seeks Falklands flight link

President Fernandez says the UK's refusal to negotiate sovereignty is "incomprehensible"

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez says she wants to renegotiate an agreement with the UK on flights to the Falkland Islands from South America.

The islands are currently served by weekly flights from Chile.

But Ms Fernandez said she wanted the air link to be operated by Argentina’s state-owned airline direct from Buenos Aires.

In response, the UK government said any discussions on flights were a matter for the Falkland Islands government.

But the Foreign Office said it expected Argentina to honour its commitments under a 1999 agreement allowing flights from Chile.

Source: BBC News Read more


Argentina’s attitude is really incomprehensible.

Wants the Falklands, goes to war and loses, accusations of Britain militarising the South Atlantic, blocks two cruise ships from Ushuaia, tells companies not to deal with Britain…

And now, wants to negotiate flights BUE – MPN (Mount Pleasant, Falklands).

“We want flights to the islands from mainland Argentina – Buenos Aires – operated by our flag-carrier, Aerolineas Argentinas,” she said.

I have no problem with that. But crikey, it’s a cack-handed way of going about things.

Aerolineas Argentinas is a well known international carrier flying to Europe, North and South America and across the Pacific.

In the past I have had dealings with AR; it’s a rough and ready airline by world standards, but I have flown the Pacific route more times than I care to count, I have consolidated airfares for the company. I like them, as in fact I like Argentinians and they do make shit hot wine.

But their claim to the Falklands, in face of historic fact (see previous post), is (in Fernandez’ own words) “incomprehensible.”

I would love to see the Falkland Islanders open their hands and say welcome to Aerolineas Argentina.

Maybe, just maybe it is the way to unlock this ridiculous stalemate.

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Publicity Stunt!

Roger Waters says Falklands should be Argentine, attacks Cameron’s ‘bullshit’

Chilean TV airs interview in which Pink Floyd founder condemns British policy on islands contested by Argentina

oger Waters at the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile. Television stations in Chile and Argentina have aired an interview in which the Pink Floyd founder says the Falkland Islands 'should be Argentine'. Photograph: Mario Ruiz/EPA

Chilean television has transmitted the controversial interview with Roger Waters in which the former Pink Floyd rock star says he believes the Falkland Islands, claimed by Argentina as “Las Malvinas”, should ultimately be considered Argentine.

To the question: “Falklands? Malvinas? What is your take? Is it British or is it Argentine?” by Chilean journalist Amaro Gómez-Pablos, Waters replies: “I think it should be Argentine.

Source: The Guardian Read more


Another failing artist sticking his beak into something he knows absolutely nothing about, is nothing more than a publicity stunt to ensure the Argentine fans buy tickets to their shows and they are a sell out.

I have just erased all references to and music of Pink Floyd from my archives.

And, call on all patriots who support the self determination of the Falklands by the Falklands to do the same.


In a post on Tomus Arcanum, I outlined the history of the Falklands, after some considerable research. It is interesting to note, that I can find no other reference to the claim on a BBC News time line by: “The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relations says (pdf) the Malvinas were discovered by members of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition in 1520, and that he was navigating at the service of Spain. However, he did not land on the islands.”

In the Ferdinand Magellan page time line there is no reference to his sighting of the Falklands on the 1520 expedition. As he came south from Rio de Janeiro to Puerto San Julian (southern Argentina), where he wintered over, there is no reason to assume that he would have even seen the islands some 300kms off course.

History has been recorded as the first British sighting (not landing) was in 1592; and the first landing in 1690.

The French were the first to have a settlement on the islands in 1794, the British, unaware of the French, arrived in 1795, a year later.

1766 saw the French sell the islands to Spain.

1771 Serious diplomatic negotiations involving Britain, Spain and France produce the Exchange of Declarations, whereby Port Egmont was restored to Britain.

Exit the Spanish, and thereby the Argentinian claim they inherited the islands from Spain.

Argentina only became independent in 1816, so Spain could not have ‘given’ the islands to Argentina, because they weren’t theirs to ‘give’ having ceded control to Britain in 1771.

It wasn’t until an Argentinian privateer tried to claim the islands in 1820 some 50 years after they were already British, in an act that was considered illegal at the time even in Buenos Aires.

Historically and factually, Argentina is clutching at straws.

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