Turkey will Remain Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Until Recep Tayyip Erdogan steps down, he’s the biggest turkey in Turkey.

Only then will Turkey deserve to be called



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I am Appalled, Shocked, Totally Pissed Off

Bad Cabbage Fart

There are some heavy politicians out there saying “Give Putin what he wants” surrender parts of Ukraine to him, to make him ‘go away!’

Make him ‘go away’, don’t be so naïve, Georgia… he didn’t ‘go away; Chechnya… he didn’t ‘go away’; Crimea… he didn’t ‘go away!’

Putin is like a bad cabbage fart… he’ll never go away!

I say “Fuck Putin!”

The only thing that’ll make Dictator Putin (he is not a president) ‘go away’ is total annihilation, Give the bastard NOTHING, take back Crimea and return it to Ukraine.

Help Russians take back their country, understand what Putin has done in their name, wrest it from the hands of this psychotic fool!

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Lavrov Full of Shit… again

Israel lashes Russia over Lavrov’s Nazism remarks, claims Hitler was Jewish!

Russia’s foreign minister makes “unforgivable” comments about nazism during an interview with Italian media, amounting to blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

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How stupid is Stupid?

A bomb scare has set off scenes of panic at Israel’s airport after an American family showed up with an unexploded artillery shell they had found in the Golan Heights and intended to bring back as a souvenir.

Mortar Shell

Don’t we love some Americans…

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How Putin sees himself

Soaring high

How the world sees Putin…

A steaming pile of shit

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A Dictator

So true!

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Penis Envy

Putin is a global bully obsessed with his country’s inadequacies.

Humiliation in Ukraine weakens Russia’s last claim to superpower status.

…its display of incompetence and brutality in Ukraine.

Wallowing in corruption, unable to foster initiative or learn from their mistakes, its frustrated generals abandoned advanced military doctrine.

Further decline in Russian power could lead to still more reckless aggression.

Yet, even if Putin is defeated, he will remain dangerous.

These quotes have been taken from an article originally posted in The Economist, go to read the piece in full, it is correct to say the Putin is not mad, nor crazy. He is a PSYCHOPATH! And whatever happens he remains a danger to the planet, literally Putin is pollution, nothing more than a heap of shit!

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Oh Shit!

A Stupid Person

Solomons’ Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is a very naïve and stupid person, if he believes that China can be trusted..

You only have to look at China’s track record over Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, their covetous designs on the South China sea, the backing of Ukraine by the Russians, their appalling human rights record, their genocide of the Uighur, Their repression of their own people, the denials and lies…

China cannot be trusted. The Solomon Islands is their first foothold in the Pacific region.

China over Solomons

China wants global domination!

Sogavare you are a very stupid person and don’t deserve the governance of your country. You are betraying the world.


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Putin Dreaming Again

….Mariupol is mine….

…All mine…

Mariupol is NOT yours! There are still defenders in the steel plant.

STOP dreaming Putin!

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Putin is Stark Raving Mad

People are saying that he’s not crazy, but here is a rebuff.

we have to look in his eyes… Oh God, do we have to?

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer – who met with Putin in Moscow this past week in a first by a European leader since the invasion February 24 – said the Russian president is “in his own war logic” on Ukraine. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Nehammer said he thinks Putin believes he is winning the war, and “we have to look in his eyes and we have to confront him with that, what we see in Ukraine.’’


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