Putin’s Fantasies

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a history lesson for Putin based on what I know through my delving into languages.

It turns out that I wasn’t too wrong. I left out some bits, but on the whole I was on the right track.

Note: There is nothing to the East… just Hordes

Now, in my browsings last night, I came across a YouTube from Kings and Generals, that went back to the 4th century and shows clearly that the Ukranians were around centuries before Tsars, so far back to when Kyiv Rus was a thriving metropolis and Moscow was little more that a village peopled by unruly thugs… It still is!

So, go and check out: Ancient Origins of the Kyivan Rus: From Rurikids to Mongols on Kings and Generals and see for yourself that Putin is a WANKER!

For those who don’t understand “Wanker“, it is a person who get his sexual jollies from fantasies in his head.

I’m so pleased that I got the story nearly right. Putin was full of shit!


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Snoopy on Putin


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A History Lesson for Putin

Putin has claimed that Ukraine is a part of Russia.

I challenge that, he is totally wrong!

The area of Eastern and Northern Europe there was a land called Kyivan Rus, they spoke Old East Slavic (9th – mid13th Centuries). It was from this language that the modern East Slavic languages evolved, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and Rusyn.

All this was founded by the Vagrangian prince Rurik. The modern nations of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine all claim Kievan Rus’ as their cultural ancestor, with Belarus and Russia deriving their names from it.

Prince Oleg

Supposedly, the first ruler to start uniting East Slavic lands into what would become Kievan Rus’ was Prince Oleg (879–912), who later moved his capital to Kiev.

Russia didn’t come into being until the 16th century after the establishment of the Tsardom of Russia. 

So, when Putin spouts off that Ukraine was always Russian, he is dead wrong. In fact Russia was a part of the Kyivan Rus, which also gave birth to Ukraine.

This makes his reasoning for the invasion of Ukraine the pure fantasy of a psychopath.

Which brings us to the point that, PUTIN IS FUCKING CRAZY.

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Scared… Shit Scared

Dimtry Peskov always looks either scared or surprised.

It’s almost as though he has a broom handle up his arse.

Playing Putin’s games, I’m not surprised.

He appears to be a weak ineffectual little man enjoying his moment on the centre of the world’s stage. I suspect his mummy is so very proud of her little Dima telling such big lies to the good Russian people.

I wonder if he has trouble sleeping at night.

Most clowns don’t…

Poor, poor litle Dima…

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Turkey will Remain Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Until Recep Tayyip Erdogan steps down, he’s the biggest turkey in Turkey.

Only then will Turkey deserve to be called



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I am Appalled, Shocked, Totally Pissed Off

Bad Cabbage Fart

There are some heavy politicians out there saying “Give Putin what he wants” surrender parts of Ukraine to him, to make him ‘go away!’

Make him ‘go away’, don’t be so naïve, Georgia… he didn’t ‘go away; Chechnya… he didn’t ‘go away’; Crimea… he didn’t ‘go away!’

Putin is like a bad cabbage fart… he’ll never go away!

I say “Fuck Putin!”

The only thing that’ll make Dictator Putin (he is not a president) ‘go away’ is total annihilation, Give the bastard NOTHING, take back Crimea and return it to Ukraine.

Help Russians take back their country, understand what Putin has done in their name, wrest it from the hands of this psychotic fool!

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Lavrov Full of Shit… again

Israel lashes Russia over Lavrov’s Nazism remarks, claims Hitler was Jewish!

Russia’s foreign minister makes “unforgivable” comments about nazism during an interview with Italian media, amounting to blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

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How stupid is Stupid?

A bomb scare has set off scenes of panic at Israel’s airport after an American family showed up with an unexploded artillery shell they had found in the Golan Heights and intended to bring back as a souvenir.

Mortar Shell

Don’t we love some Americans…

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How Putin sees himself

Soaring high

How the world sees Putin…

A steaming pile of shit

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A Dictator

So true!

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