I am Appalled, Shocked, Totally Pissed Off

Bad Cabbage Fart

There are some heavy politicians out there saying “Give Putin what he wants” surrender parts of Ukraine to him, to make him ‘go away!’

Make him ‘go away’, don’t be so naïve, Georgia… he didn’t ‘go away; Chechnya… he didn’t ‘go away’; Crimea… he didn’t ‘go away!’

Putin is like a bad cabbage fart… he’ll never go away!

I say “Fuck Putin!”

The only thing that’ll make Dictator Putin (he is not a president) ‘go away’ is total annihilation, Give the bastard NOTHING, take back Crimea and return it to Ukraine.

Help Russians take back their country, understand what Putin has done in their name, wrest it from the hands of this psychotic fool!

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