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Is this possible?

One Nation candidate Stephanie Banister puts Islam on the map

Rankin hopeful says: ‘I don’t oppose Islam as a country but I do feel their laws should not be welcome here in Australia’

Stephanie Banister may not have the high profile of Sarah Palin, but the One Nation candidate is giving the former US vice-presidential candidate a run for her money when it comes to confused campaign statements.

“I don’t oppose Islam as a country but I do feel their laws should not be welcome here in Australia,” Banister said as she hit the election trail in Queensland.

The 27-year-old candidate kicked off her campaign for the seat of Rankin with a Channel 7 interview in which she confused the Qur’an and halal food with “haram”, an Islamic term for something forbidden by God.

Banister admitted not knowing the names of the candidates she was running against and was talking about her anti-immigration platform when she made her comments about not opposing Islam “as a country”.

Banister is due to face court on a charge of “contaminating or interfering with goods” over allegations she stuck a sticker which read “Beware! Halal food funds terrorism” on Nestle products at her local Woolworths. If she appears before the 7 September election and a criminal conviction were to be recorded, the Australian Electoral Commission would disqualify her from the race for Rankin.

In the campaign interview she also gave her thoughts on the federal economic policy. ”I’d like to see the government drop its five-star budget down to an economy budget,” she said. “With the way the economy’s going at the moment, I don’t see why the government feels that it should remain at a five-star budget when economy’s just as good.”

When questioned further about her views on Islam she replied: “Less than 2% of Australians follow haram” – which the interviewer took to mean the Qur’an.

“Jews aren’t under haram. They have their own religion which follows Jesus Christ,” Banister said. She also referred to haram food when she might have meant halal food.

“Everyone in the world has a lot to learn about day-to-day stuff and everything in life is just about learning,” she said.



Well, there you have it, dumber than dumb down under.


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Give them a taste!


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What’s for Dinner?


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Toddlers and MPs:

Can you tell the difference?

Toddlers and MPs have both been in the news, for more or less the same reason: lack of discipline. Who’s better behaved?

Toddlers and MPs have both been in the news recently: for lack of discipline. On one hand, childcare minister Elizabeth Truss has condemned British pre-schools for their failure to teach children how to behave, citing classes where “children are running around [with] no sense of purpose”. At the same time, Margaret Hodge has criticised the long periods of time that parliament spends in recess, claiming that it makes MPs look lazy. There has always been a similarity between toddlers and politicians. Some of the quotes below were made by British MPs in the House of Commons, others by furious babies on YouTube. Can you guess which is which? (Click on the quote for a big clue).

Toddler and John Bercow

A screaming toddler and Commons speaker John Bercow. (Bercow is on the right.) Photograph: Alamy, AP

Take a few moments to complete the poll, you'll be surprised

Take a few moments to complete the poll, you’ll be surprised

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How can a bunch of pessimists be optimistic?

Mitt Romney calls for optimism in return speech

Mitt Romney has kept a low profile since losing the US presidential election last year

Former US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has urged Republicans to stay optimistic in his first major speech since losing the election last year.

Speaking at a conference of conservative politicians and activists, Mr Romney said pessimism among Republicans had become “fashionable”.

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Opulence & Grandeur

Mugabe has just proved that he is unfit to govern!

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe holds lavish 89th birthday party

Robert Mugabe clearly enjoyed the celebrations in Bindura

Thousands of people have attended a lavish party to celebrate Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s 89th birthday in the mining town of Bindura.

Mr Mugabe was presented with a cake said to weigh 89kg (196lb), and gold coins were minted to mark the occasion.

The celebrations cost about $600,000 (£400,000), reports say.

In his speech, Mr Mugabe – who has ruled since 1980 – denied claims that he was trying to intimidate political rivals ahead of a new election.


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How it is – A Fairy Tale

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