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Guantanamo Bay prison ‘must close’ – UN rights chief

Nearly 170 inmates are currently being held at Guantanamo Bay

The UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay, has urged the US to close Guantanamo Bay, saying the indefinite detention of many inmates there without charge or trial violates international law.

Ms Pillay said about half of 166 prisoners had been cleared to transfer either home or to third countries.

She also said she was “deeply disappointed” that the US was not honouring its pledge to close the camp.

It opened in 2002 to hold terrorism suspects after the 9/11 attacks.

President Barack Obama moved to close the facility at the US naval base in Cuba, but his plans to try suspects in US civilian courts were blocked by Congress.

‘Desperate act’

“The continuing indefinite incarceration of many of the detainees amounts to arbitrary detention and is in clear breach of international law,” Ms Pillay said in a statement on Friday.

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That’s alright, the USA is above the law!

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Truth for Dummies

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State of the Union – In Deep Shit

State of the Union address

Obama’s State of the Union address was as full of holes as a Swiss Cheese.

The state is in deep shit, the hole is so deep that current policies, not even amended policies will correct that.

What is needed is different policies altogether; and neither the Repugicans nor the Democraps can deliver that. They are too entrenched in the oligarchy that America has become.

He is right about the tax reform, tax the rich, and tax the selfish bastards heavily. But then with that promise they’ll only send the rich rushing for the Repugnicans.

And take a look at the Repugnican options, Romney is a sheep… follow the leader. Gingrich is a newt, slimy and poisonous. Both will sell what’s left of the country out to the Israelis. Neither of them are asking relevant questions; their mouths are opening and closing like goldfish gasping for oxygen.

There is only one Republican. The man asking serious questions about TSA, SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, FEMA Camps the things that are threatening the freedom of Americans.

Obama fails to address the major cause of lost American jobs. American companies who manufacture overseas and export to America should be penalised with heavy import tariffs and be paying more tax than companies who produce goods in America for consumption. That would be a good start. Bring American jobs home!

Refinancing for homeowners… I seem to remember reading where this had already happened and the homeowners got themselves into a worse financial position. How about this… Revoke the mortgage, assign the property freehold where the banks can’t show original proof of ownership/debt as is required by law. Make the thieving bastard banks cringe with their skulduggery. Make them realise that if you try to cheat the system, you’ll pay for it.

How about turning education into education and not indoctrination.

How about demanding that police forces become protectors and not protagonists of law and order. Forcing them to ‘demilitarise.’

How about destroying monopolies on food, seeds.

How about demanding that foodstuffs containing GMOs be labelled.

How about demanding an independent inquiry into 9/11 and settle the matter once and for all.

How about becoming a real fuckin’ government! And govern.

Obama’s wishy washy address had no substance. He is making promises like he did during his election campaign and he kept none of them, not one. He stepped right in and kept diggng GWBs holes even deeper. What makes you think he’ll honour anything that dribbles from the corners of his mouth?

Well, those holes are full of shit, and America is in it up to its eyeballs.

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Contradictions & Complicity at all levels


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Meet Edna Cintron

Thursday, September 8, 2011

“Meet Edna Cintron”

Edna Cintron stood waving for rescue in the North Tower plane shaped hole for at least an hour. Help never came. Her picture is in the NIST reports, waving to tell us that their tales of thousand degree heat from “raging infernos” of jet fuel is a lie. She was murdered on 9/11 in the collapse of the building.
The “official” story line is that intense heat from burning jet fuel weakened the structural steel frame of the World Trade Center towers, and caused their collapse. According to Wikipedia jet fuel in an open air setting burns at 549.5 °F. nowhere near hot enough to melt steel, which melts at 2,750 °F. How, then, could heat from these fires weaken the entire steel frame of each building, all the way to the ground, 90 stories below the impact point? Obviously, it couldn’t. Use your own eyes and judgement while viewing this video. Where’s the raging inferno which allegedly destroyed these buildings? Or did it? And if heat didn’t cause the collapse of these buildings, then the government’s story is a LIE, and something else happened. What that was, and who really did the deed can be learned… “Why are you posting about this again?” I was emailed that question by a reader. Ask the families of all the victims of that day if it’s still important, since the real perpetrators have never been brought to justice, and the “official” lie was used as the pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Ask them if it’s important…
– CoyotePrime


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