How stupid is stupid?

A few years ago Brazil had a president, round 2013. She was running for a second term in 2014.

As an observer observing Brazilian politics from the lofty view point of a glass of beer, I thought to myself… “The Brazilian people can’t be that stupid…” 2014 came around and proved that they were… that stupid; the idiots re-elected her. She didn’t see the end of her term, the Brazilians realised their folly and impeached her. That left Brazil with the vice-p an idiot who couldn’t vocalise his rhetoric and ran around flapping his arms in all directions.

Then along came 2017 and the run up to another election and there wasn’t really a candidate to choose from. Until some-one tried to stab a fellow, relatively unknown duing one of his moments of verbal diarrhea, and got him right in the guts.

Sympathy got this guy the vote. Brazil had an evangelical idiot as president. This guy was an idiot of some monumental proportions. Without any hesitation he began to screw up the country, then…

Covid appeared. The president’s view “gripezinho” (a little flu) and that was how he managed the looming crisis.

500,000 dead later…

He’s up for re-election next year, and it leaves me wondering again… Are they that stupid?

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