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A History Lesson for Putin

Putin has claimed that Ukraine is a part of Russia.

I challenge that, he is totally wrong!

The area of Eastern and Northern Europe there was a land called Kyivan Rus, they spoke Old East Slavic (9th – mid13th Centuries). It was from this language that the modern East Slavic languages evolved, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and Rusyn.

All this was founded by the Vagrangian prince Rurik. The modern nations of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine all claim Kievan Rus’ as their cultural ancestor, with Belarus and Russia deriving their names from it.

Prince Oleg

Supposedly, the first ruler to start uniting East Slavic lands into what would become Kievan Rus’ was Prince Oleg (879–912), who later moved his capital to Kiev.

Russia didn’t come into being until the 16th century after the establishment of the Tsardom of Russia. 

So, when Putin spouts off that Ukraine was always Russian, he is dead wrong. In fact Russia was a part of the Kyivan Rus, which also gave birth to Ukraine.

This makes his reasoning for the invasion of Ukraine the pure fantasy of a psychopath.

Which brings us to the point that, PUTIN IS FUCKING CRAZY.

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Остерегайтесь нацистов в голове Путина

“Beware of the Nazis in Putin’s Head”

There ae no Nazis in Ukraine, they exist only in Putin’s head as propaganda to justify his criminal invasion of Ukraine to the Russian people.

Putin is lying!

Путин врёт!

Путін бреше!

I must apologize for no post yesterday. In the morning I was knocked to the ground by an Uber taxi. No bones broken, but I was a bit shaken.

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The bravest person in Russia, Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor and producer with the TV channel, in an act of defiance she interrupted a news programme holding a sign denouncing the war in Ukraine. Denouncing government “propaganda” in a striking moment of public protest as the Kremlin cracks down on any criticism of its invasion of Ukraine.

Her personal protest was hailed around the world as a dangerous act of resistance.

Prior to her unscheduled appearance, she recorded a video explaining her motives to the Russian people. Available on Youtube.

Unfortunately, she is not to be found according to her lawyer and human rights. I have no doubt that Putin will have her ‘disappeared”. I can imagine that he is livid.

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Putin is Full of Shit

This cretin is loving this. All this attention boosts his ego.

“Talk, talk, talk; talk all you want. While you are talking I am conquering Ukraine.

I have no intention of stopping, and you are all afraid of trying to stop me! Because you know that I will unleash all hell on Earth if you do!

Please, keep talking!”

The way I see it…

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During the course of this blog I will be supporting Ukraine. The actions of the madman Putin are totally abhorrent to what I consider the 21st Century should be. Putin is the epitome of a Neanderthal madman.

In saying this, I am not against Russia, just Putin.

From the age of fifteen, I have been a Russophile, not a fanatic, but I appreciate Russia’s culture and language. While at high school, I was given two dictionaries, one of them was Russian-English and I discovered a grammar book by Nina Potopova (?). I also had penfriends in Moscow, Sofia and Ulan Bator who wrote to me in Russian script. While I never studied the language seriously, I remember my first attempts - дом там, the alphabet and how to count, and carried that with me for nearly 60 years.
I just thought that my situation needed explaining, so you don’t think I am some despotic maniac frothing at the mouth like a mad dog.
So, what I write here is my opinion as I see things. Rightly or wrongly. Do not take it for “Fake News”, I am not interested in being an alarmist.

I am just terribly sad that Putin has been unleashed on the world. He deserves no more than any other mad dog…

taken out the back and disposed of.

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It been a while

Yes, six years since I last blogged. I decided to take a break and was on the verge of going where “old bloggers” go.

Bad Ukranian Translations
Так, шість років відтоді, як я востаннє вела блог. Я вирішив зробити перерву і був на порозі піти туди, куди ходять «старі блогери».

But recent events have called my attention, and I couldn't stay silent any longer.

Але останні події привернули мою увагу, і я більше не міг мовчати.

Vladimir Smeagol
There is a demon around. He's a nasty bastard and needs to be exorcised. Russia needs to know the nature of the devil they have spawned.

Навколо демон. Він мерзенний виродок, і його потрібно вигнати. Росія повинна знати природу диявола, якого вони породили

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is despicable. I had a feeling when the annexed Crimea that the story was finished.

Putin is a power hungry megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to achieve his warped view of the world. The atrocities that he as committed in Ukraine are inhuman, the same madness that drove Hitler resulting in five years of war.

The thought that Putin has horrendous arms available, is frightening. He has no morals, he is a madman and he is totally out of control.

When I heard that the Moscow Patriarch Kirill had stated that Russia’s ‘military operation’ in Ukraine was justified, I was horrified. How can a religious leader in the 21st Century condone war? How can he align himself with a madman like Putin is unbelievable. He is straight out of the pages of medieval history.

I don’t know where this blog will go.

I will keep posting updates on Ukraine and the world. Maybe not daily, but who knows…

I must apologise for the design of this post. WordPress has changed since I was lat here… I am lost!

Russia, Ukraine, Putin, demon, war, religion

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Satireday on Shit Happens


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