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“Stand Your Ground”

The recent case of Trayvon Martin’s tragedy has highlighted this law.

Now there are calls for the repeal or amending of the law.

There isn’t a problem with the law.

The law is good, the law is as it should be, the law should be the right of every sane human being on the planet.

The problem was with the person.

The problem was with the lack of the police applying the law.

In no way do I condone Zimmerman, he is obviously a person who should never have had a gun. I sincerely hope that the full weight of the law is brought upon him.

I also hope that the police mishandling has to be answered before a judge.

Neighbourhood watch groups should be accountable if they allow unsuitable people to join their ranks.

It is obvious through recent testimony that Zimmerman lied, it is obvious that Zimmerman received the injuries after the event, it is obvious that the police covered up this fact.

The law is good… the problem is the people.

If all involved were doing their duty, this would never have happened.

Recently Pepsi and now Coca Cola are among many companies that have distanced themselves from the supporters of this law, to me this displays a pathetic response, a lack of social insight, they are pandering to the conservatives who buy their product. Social responsibility vs profits… profits will win every time.

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