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Heading Them Off at the Pass

Women in Saudi Arabia to vote and run in elections

Saudi women face severe restrictions in their working and personal lives

Women in Saudi Arabia are to be given the right to vote and run in future municipal elections, King Abdullah has announced.

He said they would also have the right to be appointed to the consultative Shura Council.

The move was welcomed by activists who have called for greater rights for women in the kingdom, which enforces a strict version of Sunni Islamic law.

The changes will occur after municipal polls on Thursday, the king said.

King Abdullah announced the move in a speech at the opening of the new term of the Shura Council – the formal body advising the king, whose members are all appointed.

“Because we refuse to marginalise women in society in all roles that comply with sharia, we have decided, after deliberation with our senior clerics and others… to involve women in the Shura Council as members, starting from next term,” he said.

“Women will be able to run as candidates in the municipal election and will even have a right to vote.”

Cautious Reformer

The BBC’s world affairs correspondent Emily Buchanan says it is an extraordinary development for women in Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to drive, or to leave the country unaccompanied.

She says there has been a big debate about the role of women in the kingdom and, although not everyone will welcome the decision, such a reform will ease some of the tension that has been growing over the issue.

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Clever move. There have already been murmurs in Saudi Arabia indicating it could follow Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen,  Syria, etc into the Arab Spring.

This small concession could quell such murmurings; sufficient to avoid much unpleasantness, because Saudi Arabia could have become a disaster like Syria or the Yemen. The male dominated Saudi world would not have gone down quietly.

Good defensive tactics. I am sure it had nothing to do with women’s rights.

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