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Delusions of Grandeur

N. Carolina lawmakers reject sea level rise predictions

* Vote by Republican majority backed by real estate developers

* Panel of scientists projected big rise based on seven studies

* Democrats say vote makes state an object of ridicule

* Governor could veto measure, inviting legislative override

By Wade Rawlins

RALEIGH, N.C., July 3 (Reuters) – Lawmakers in North Carolina, which has a long Atlantic Ocean coastline and vast areas of low-lying land, voted on Tuesday to ignore studies predicting a rapid rise in sea level due to climate change and postpone planning for the consequences.

Opponents of the measure said it was a case of legislators “putting our heads in the sand” to avoid acknowledging the possible effects of global warming.

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N. Carolina lawmakers have clearly demonstrated themselves as candidates for the Village Idiot Awards as they raise their hands Moses-like to keep the waters at bay.

That the world is governed by such fools…

At least there is a blessing, these idiots only control N. Carolina, the rest of us are free to humble ourselves before the onslaught of nature and the inevitable proof of future events.


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I am bemused

One of the latest cliches, although it has been around since 1903, is talk of this “American Empire.”

What empire?

An empire has an emperor…

I recall presidents, dictators and if Romney wins a village idiot, but I don’t recall an emperor, even if Clinton was caught with his pants down, that doesn’t qualify as the ’emperor’s new clothes.’


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In mourning

Sorry about the lack of posts…

I have been in mourning over the coming death of America.

Ron Paul announced his withdrawal from the race, leaving only the village idiot to run for the Repugnicans against Obama.

Romney was last seen dribbling and babbling incoherently in the corner over the issue of same sex marriages.

As for Obama and his revelation supporting same sex marriage, shows that the man does have balls after all; a point that I had previously doubted.

It is sincerely my opinion that Romney is not a suitable candidate to even lick Obama’s boots.






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The Village Idiot

The Village Idiot

Against gay marriage and civil unions

The village idiot has proved he’s not fit to lead people, let alone a country.

Romney has proved himself…

Beyond doubt.

Any politician who has such inflexible, intransigent ideas is not fit to own a rubber ducky.

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Mitt Romney has Demonstrated his Total Incompetence

The Village Idiot

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has branded Russia as America’s number one geopolitical enemy.

This man is a danger to the USA.

His thinking is 40 years behind the times, almost prehistoric.

After his gaff about America’s No.1 enemy, his credibility has just dropped to BELOW ZERO.

Any American even thinking about voting for this idiot needs his head examined.



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