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More Shit that We Don’t Really Need

Internet of things: Should you worry if your jeans go smart?

More and more objects are getting on the web

What if those new jeans you’ve just bought start tweeting about your location as you cross London Bridge?

It sounds far-fetched, but it’s possible – if one of your garments is equipped with a tiny radio-frequency identification device (RFID), your location could be revealed without you knowing about it.

RFIDs are chips that use radio waves to send data to a reader – which in turn can be connected to the web.

This technology is just one of the current ways of allowing physical objects to go online – a concept dubbed the “internet of things”, which industry insiders have shortened to IoT.

This is when not only your PC, tablet and smartphone can connect to the web, but also your car, your home, your baseball cap and even the sheep and cows on a farm.

And as we switch from IPv4 towards IPv6, which will support some 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses, more and more objects will jump into the web.

Smart buildings and intelligent cars with assigned IP addresses are already making cities smarter – and soon enough, the entire planet may follow.

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Really, the world is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. This sort of crap is exactly in the ‘we-don’t-need-it’ category. Anybody, and I mean everybody who resorts to this banality needs serious therapy.

End cruelty to carrots

What’s next, your cruelty to a carrot recorded for posterity as it screams on the way to the oven?

The possibilities of ridicule here are limitless. The internet is sufficiently congested now, without having these puerile ideas thrust upon us.

Then there is the ‘Big Brother’ aspect…

Orson Welles would be writhing in his grave.

Talk about total control.

“OMG, he’s talken his jeans off, he’s having a crap!” Do we really need this on FaceBook or Twitter? I would personally prefer my bodily functions to remain my business and nobody’s concern but mine. “Oh, I didn’t know he suffered with piles!” This gets way too personal.


Tweet: @justinbeibersjeans reports that he was masturbating in the mens’ room at the disco last night. #justinbeiber

We DON’T want to know!

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