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Turkey will Remain Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Until Recep Tayyip Erdogan steps down, he’s the biggest turkey in Turkey.

Only then will Turkey deserve to be called



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It Seems to Me…

That if a majority of people are against a decision, then the decision is wrong for the people.

This is what’s happening in Turkey. Decisions (Gezi Park and alcohol sales) have been made by one man, and it seems to me, by the reactions of the people, that those decisions are wrong. They are against the people’s wishes.

The prime minister’s wishes, as one man,  don’t count!

To further enforce those decisions against the wishes of a vast number of people makes the decision maker a dictator.

Turkey protests: PM Erdogan issues stern warning

A protester in Taksim Square tells the BBC’s Mark Lowen how tear gas felt like “a panic attack”

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that he will not show “any more tolerance” for protests.

He vowed to end the demonstrations after police cleared Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the focal point of unrest for nearly two weeks.

Police used water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets, causing many to flee the square into adjoining Gezi Park.

The unrest began after a crackdown on an environmental protest over Gezi Park’s redevelopment.

The protests then widened, with demonstrators accusing Mr Erdogan’s government of becoming increasingly authoritarian and trying to impose conservative Islamic values on a secular state.

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Has Turkey Sprung?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Prime Minister)  says no; and in doing so has opened the gates to exactly that possibility. Talk about being the author of ones own possible demise.

Erdogan’s dismissive attitude to the mass demonstrations contrasted increasingly with President Abdullah Gul, who sounded conciliatory and pointedly rebutted Erdogan’s message. “Democracy does not mean elections alone,” he said, in what appeared to be a sharp riposte to the prime minister’s repeated insistence on the strength of his parliamentary mandate.”The Guardian

Indeed, the demonstrations are democracy in action. Democracy is what the people want, not what the prime minister wants.

The question is, why does Erdogan insist so vehemently  that these plans go ahead? Has he been paid by the developers for ensuring such a prime site? One must wonder. What other reason could there be?

But assuredly, Erdogan has blown his credibility, politically, I am sure he is finished.

What started as a protest over the redevelopment of a park has become a rebellion against the reign of the prime minister and the blame lies squarely on the prime minister’s shoulders.

Gezi Park, Istanbul

Gezi Park, Istanbul – image: The Examiner

The protestors have reason, cities need lungs, Gezi Park is just that in a sea of asphalt and buildings. Claimed to be the last green area in the city.


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The Phantoms in al-Bastard’s Head

The scars of the Syrian conflict are plain to see on the streets of Homs - BBC Photo

There are no terrorists, there are no armed gangs, there are, however, Syrians fighting against al-Bastard’s tyranny. The terrorists and armed gangs are phantoms in a very sick mind.

The escalating violence in Syria after Kofi Annan’s UN -brokered ceasefire, showed that al-Bastard never had any intention of honouring a ceasefire. Indeed to have honour, you need to have a brain, something that al-Bastard has clearly demonstrated he hasn’t either.

Now we have the news that Syrian security forces have fired into Turkey, BBC News, killing and wounding people escaping into Turkey and that ‘stray’ bullets hit a refugee camp inside Turkey wounding two Syrian refugees and a Turkish translator.

I would not be surprised if Turkey did more than complain, it could well be that those shots are the first of a war. Turkey’s sovereignty has been trespassed.

China is still waffling about Syria honoring the peace treaty, and Syria’s foreign minister is rushing off to Russia to what purpose, one may well ask.

I worry about the event of an armed conflict and that Russia, along with China and Iran siding with Syria; the result could be very bloody indeed and extend well beyond the Syrian borders.

Russia, China and Iran need to let al-Bastard face the music that he alone composed.

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