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The Snowball is Rolling

Faster and bigger

Yes, the snowball is rolling, gathering global momentum, Occupy Wall Street bringing the Arabian Spring to the Americas is spreading across the face of the planet.

It seems like it is not just the Arabs with their dictators, nor the Americans with their financial woes that are dissatisfied with the status quo.

Whether linked to OWS or not, protests are being organised and held in about 82 countries; that represents almost half of the world’s nations..

Last week's protests around the world

This is a clear indication that the end game is nigh. The king is about to fall.

Governments have to realise they are permitting the police to arrest the wrong people.

Throughout the USA protests are being felt, in  Madrid and Rome. Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Athens and Berlin. At least 1,000 people demonstrated in London’s financial district. Earlier, hundreds of people marched in the New Zealand cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch while in the Australian city of Sydney, some 2,000 people – including representatives of Aboriginal groups, communists and trade unionists – gathered outside the central Reserve Bank of Australia. “Occupy” protests have also been held in South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Israel also hit by summer of protests over high cost of living, although not yet aligned with OWS.

The fuse has been lit. Initially it sputtered along, but has taken hold as it burns fiercely toward the time bomb created by the 1%, and when it reaches – he explosion will be heard across the Earth. There will be a reckoning like there has never been before and those accountable will be delivered.

Central bankers and finance ministers are proudly doing things that they used to be punished for.

Henry II brought his bankers together in 1124; the ‘Assize of Moneyers’. Those found guilty of debasing the coinage – an earlier form of quantitative easing – were castrated and had their had their right hands cut off.

What can you say about that kind of monetary policy? It worked.

History is set to repeat itself, if the Real 1% do not respond. In the great French Revolution, Marie Antoinette stated that she is the 1%, and said “If there is not bread, let them eat cake”. She then got just rewards from the 99%, the Guillotine.

99% to Bankers: We’ve Got the Guillotine!

Maybe we need a modern day Henry II combined with a revolution, maybe this is what OWS will achieve.


Map from Storyful
From the Twitter live update on Storyful:
Protests in Berlin , Hamburg , Frankfurt – Ottawa – Amsterdam – Victoria – Ireland…

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