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This should be illegal!

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I am not a conspiracy theorist which is why I am not intentionally using italics to make this feel more mysterious… anyhow tonight we were in Target shopping.  We were actually in the garden section which had some great outdoor furniture sales. So we are walking down the aisle and [beep beep] I get a email. The email is from Target for a 30% Outdoor Furniture and Easter Sweets Sale! I had just picked up two bags of Reeses peanute butter cups (I don’t eat sweets much but I love Reeses) and put them in the cart. Big brother is watching…



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This is an invasion of privacy.

Stores using this method of attacking shoppers should be taken to task over the practice.

The problem is there are not enough laws that cover the rape of the shopper by the corporations; so therefore, it’s not illegal.

But it should be!

If any store tried this on me, I’d be straight to the management, and tell him why I am abandoning my shopping cart in the middle of the store and leaving and not returning.

I have already done this in supermarkets that simply don’t have the products I want.

Sadly too many people accept this bullshit!

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