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What a load of crap!

Gen Qi Jianguo, deputy chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army lying through his teeth!

“China has never taken foreign expansion and military conquering as a state policy,” the news agency AFP reported him  as saying.

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So Tibet and Xinjiang were Sunday picnics!!!!

Not to mention the absurd claims China is making in the maritime arena encroaching on the maritime demarcations of the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.

All backed up by the military.

Take a look at the map of Chinese links in the region, then think how long it will be before China starts making similar claims to parts of Africa that they have invested in; they’re not doing this investing to be nice.


Watch this space…

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South China Sea

I have been critical of China’s claim to much of the South China Sea, and I remain critical of the majority of the claim as China is clearly being a greedy bastard.

But, I must side with China over the Paracel Islands, but not fully.

Paracel Islands

In this case it is Vietnam who are ignoring the 200 mile Economic Zone.

Most of the Paracel Islands are clearly in Chinese territorial waters with the exception of the south-western island of Triton Island which is in Vietnamese territorial waters.

The demarcation line is quite clear.

Both countries should resolve this dispute and accept the internationally accepted 200 mile Economic Zone.

However, this does not alter my views on the rapacious claims of China in respect to  other areas of the South China Sea. The area of the dotted red line claiming the Spratly Islands and almost the beaches of Sarawak and Brunei is nothing short of ridiculous.

The Spratly Islands are almost equally divided in respect of the 200 miles limit between the Philippines and Malaysia (one third each), one island in Brunei, one part in Vietnam and the rest (one third) in international waters.

Any claim by China to any part of the Spratly Islands is beyond comprehension. China needs to pull its avaricious neck in and worry more about its human rights record at home if it wants to become a respected member of the international community.

“China has decided “in principle” to build a supply dock on an island it disputes with Vietnam in the South China Sea.

The province of Hainan is looking to build on what is known as Jinqing in China and Duy Mong in Vietnam in the Paracel islands as part of tourism plans, according to a statement.

There have been tensions over both countries’ claims to the chain of small islands and reefs.

China has occupied the area since 1974.”BBC News Read more

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My Predictions… 2012

The Mayan Calendar isn't a part of it

Everybody who’s anybody is making predictions these days, why not somebody who is nobody?

All this information has been gleaned from the news and happenings around the world tempered with my own thoughts. It makes dismal reading, especially when you consider that this is all possible this year.

2011 was a disaster, actually every year since 2007 has been; but will look like a picnic after 2012 is done.

2012 is going to have some radical changes. I have no good news.

:: The climate: Worsening, floods will be bigger, storms, monsoons, tornadoes and hurricanes will become more furious; temperature extremes greater, hotter will get hotter, colder will get colder. The aurgument as to whether it is man’s fault is now irrelevent.

:: Natural disasters: Earthquakes and volcanoes more frequent and more violent.

:: Radio, telephone and internet services, and probably power, will be affected by solar activity as the sun nears its 11 year cycle in 2013.

:: Europe will implode financially, as a result hyper inflation will hit the USA. The Euro is in imminent danger of total collapse.

:: The Chinese renminbi becomes the world currency.

:: The American elections will be cast in doubt and have similar problems to the 2011 Russian election.

:: Iran will foolishly and pigheadedly close the Hormuz Straight, igniting the region.

:: The Syria problem hasn’t been settled and sides with Iran.

:: The US will retaliate, within 24 hours Israel will cease to be.

:: Great Britain will be drawn into the conflict as well as various European nations.

:: The US will lose the Iran offensive and will retreat like a whipped puppy with its forces in tatters; you cannot fight religious zealots.

:: Further sectarian violence will explode across the globe as extremist groups vie for control.

:: China will try to control the South China Sea region, with the possibility of war against the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. With the rest of the world already occupied they know it is their chance for survival, especially in the oil stakes.

:: Occupy Wall Street movement will cross the US like a tidal wave as the population wake up from the American dream.

:: The first public hangings in the USA will begin, ironically, in Zucotti Park as the US sinks into the financial mire. No need to say who will be hung.

:: The Federal Reserve and probably Washington D.C. will be surrounded by a million unhappy Americans, none will escape alive.

:: The government will call on military, police and reserves to try to contain the restive and FEMA Camps will be filled, the inmates will ‘just disappear’ as more and more are incarcerated.

:: Occupy Wall Street becomes a civil war as the people see the true intent behind the Patriot and National Defence Acts. The American people will see the American Spring as hundreds of thousands take to the streets and mean business.

:: With the US forces concentrated overseas and at home, there will be no gasoline, food shortages and production will shut down.

:: The possibility of a bloodbath like America has never seen before, nor anticipated, will have begun. The wick was lit years ago and has been smouldering, sputtering for decades and it is now close to the explosives. Watch for the BANG!

:: Americans will flee the cities to escape the violence and find food. This will pit Americans against Americans and it will be a matter of the survival of the fittest.

:: Countries like Brazil are in the best position to survive, although the global events will still take their toll.

:: Good news, the chances of the world being struck by an errant object from space remains as remote as ever, but not impossible.

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I said ‘Watch this Space!”

I have been warning of this for some time. My last rant I have said before; and I’ll say it again! was back in mid-November, and today in the headlines:

Hu Jintao tells China navy: Prepare for warfare

China's military build up has caused concern elsewhere in the region

China’s navy should speed up its development and prepare for warfare, President Hu Jintao has said.

He told military personnel they should “make extended preparations for warfare”.

China is locked in territorial disputes with several other nations in the South China Sea. Political tension is also growing with the US, which is seeking to boost its presence in the region.

After Mr Hu’s comments, the US said China was entitled to defend itself.

“Nobody’s looking for a scrap here,” said Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby in quotes carried by the AFP news agency.

“Certainly we wouldn’t begrudge any other nation the opportunity to develop naval forces.”

Senior US and Chinese officials are currently holding talks on military issues.

The one-day meeting takes place every year, with the stated aim of ensuring there are no misunderstandings between the two nations.

‘Sovereignty dispute’

China has recently acquired its first aircraft carrier and has been vocal about its naval ambitions.

But its military remains primarily a land-based force, and its naval capabilities are still dwarfed by the US.

Mr Hu told a meeting of military officials that the navy should “accelerate its transformation and modernisation in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for warfare in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security”.

The word “warfare” was used in official media, but other translations used “military combat” and “military struggle”.

Analysts say Mr Hu’s comments are unusually blunt, and are likely to be aimed at the US and Beijing’s rivals in the South China Sea.

Both the Philippines and Vietnam have repeatedly accused China of overt aggression in the region.

They are among the nations claiming sovereignty over islands in the sea in the hope that there could be oil and gas deposits there.

And US President Barack Obama announced last month that the US was boosting its presence in the region, and will base a full Marine task force in northern Australia.

Analysts say the US move is a direct challenge to China’s attempts to dominate the area, and is likely to bolster US allies in the South China Sea dispute.

Source: BBC News


China has absolutely no respect for the rest of the world. Chinese domination is the agenda.

China is a direct threat to peace in the region.

This latest declaration shows their determination.

The rest of the world are bloody fools. Sucked in by China, moving American jobs to China attracted by the slave wages, helping to enrich China to the point that it’s military is strong enough to challenge.

American jobs that should be for Americans, have helped make China a bigger bastard than it was.

Who did this? Your government, the corporations and the bankers!

America is not solely to blame, other major economies too have all had their fingers in the collective pie; it’s just that the American situation is so grossly out of control that it is the obvious target for finger pointers.


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Why is the USA Wooing Burma?

Hillary Clinton Burma visit: Suu Kyi hopeful on reforms

Hillary Clinton met Aung San Suu Kyi at the latter's Rangoon home

Aung San Suu Kyi has said she is hopeful that Burma can get on to “the road to democracy”, after talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

She welcomed reforms that have enabled her party to stand in elections, but said more needed to be done and called for political prisoners to be freed.

The democracy leader held a morning of talks with Mrs Clinton, the most senior US official to visit Burma in 50 years.

They promised to work together to promote democracy in Burma.

“I am very confident that if we work together… there will be no turning back from the road to democracy,” said Ms Suu Kyi after the talks.

But she added that the country was “not on that road yet”.

Source: BBC News Read more


I can’t help but wonder why the USA is wooing Burma?

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Burma. I am pleased to see this small nation fighting and clawing its way out of a military dictatorship. Burma is one of the fascinating places in the world and deserves a better future.

But I fear the choice of bed-fellows.

The USA does nothing for anybody unless it benefits the USA and it’s bid for global control. And, I kid you not, if you can’t see it then you are blind. The USA military machine is spreading like a virus over the globe. “Spreading democracy!” What a load of bullshit! Utter crap! “Spreading the American way,” more like it; and the American way is not all apple pie as it used to be.

But I do see that Burma is strategically placed to help the USA in the face of China’s equally despicable ambitions; particularly in relation to the South China Sea issue. Which, I might add, is going to come to the boil in the near future; a time frame that could see the USA militarily esconced in Burma.

All I can say is; “Watch this space.”

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I have said before; and I’ll say it again!

China is a dangerous and treacherous blight on this planet!

From the BBC News:

Wen warns US on South China Sea dispute

China has warned “external forces” not to get involved in its maritime disputes with neighbouring countries over the South China Sea.

In comments apparently directed at the US, Premier Wen Jiabao said that the disputes should be resolved by “relevant sovereign states”.

Mr Wen spoke at a regional summit in Bali that US President Barack Obama is also attending.

But other nations want the contentious issue to be tackled at the forum.

The South China Sea contains some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, as well as oil and gas reserves.

China claims a huge U-shaped area of the sea – a claim that overlaps areas which Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei say belong to them.

China’s increasingly assertive behaviour over its claim in recent months has alarmed several of its neighbours.

They are keen to negotiate with China as a bloc – but China prefers to tackle the issue through bilateral negotiations, and it does not want the US involved at all.

“External forces should not use any excuse to interfere,” he said in a speech carried by state news agency Xinhua.

“The dispute on the South China Sea is a matter that been going on for years. It should be resolved by the relevant sovereign states through friendly consultation and discussion directly.”

Read the rest on BBC News


China has, in the past, shown a direct aversion to “friendly consultation and discussion”.

Did China have “friendly consultation and discussion” with Taiwan?

Did Chine hava “friendly consultation and discussion” with Tibet?

Did China have “friendly consultation and discussion” over Tiananmen Square?

China is not interested in “friendly consultation and discussion.” China just wants and China just takes.

As they will try and do over the South China Sea. As you can see by the map above, China’s claims are totally out of all proportion to accepted international standards and maritime limits.

The Chinese sovereign greed is insatiable.

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Watch this Space: China

China's growing naval power has encouraged it to be more assertive

South China Sea tensions rattle China’s neighbours

Chinese leaders like to talk about their country’s “peaceful rise” – and Europe’s financial traumas are giving Beijing plenty of scope to assume the role of a benign new force on the world stage.

President Hu Jintao has presented himself as a “friend in need” during encounters with European supplicants while stopping short, for now, of committing China to a specific contribution.

But China has been showing a very different face to countries closer to home in an increasingly tense confrontation over rival claims to the resource-rich waters of the South China Sea.

It is a region where the peaceful nature of China’s rise is starting to be questioned as it pushes a long-standing maritime claim that stretches deep into South East Asia.

“China is becoming much more confident in the region and there are signs it is becoming giddy with success. It has become much more influential much more quickly than it expected,” says Dr Kerry Brown of the Asia Programme at Chatham House in London.

Vietnam and the Philippines in recent months have seen the snarl of a resurgent regional power that is fast losing patience with the gripes of smaller neighbours over maritime borders.

“If these countries do not want to change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the sound of cannons. It may be the only way for the dispute in the sea to be resolved,” said the state run newspaper, the Global Times, in a recent editorial.

Hard power

Chinese officials have been more restrained in their comments, but foreign ministry spokesmen have issued a series of warnings about what they see as encroachments into Chinese waters.

Beijing says it does want a peaceful solution. But Vietnam and the Philippines say Chinese ships have stepped up harassment of vessels involved in oil exploration and fishing.

China's stance on the South China Sea is making neighbours like Vietnam worried

“The growth of Chinese military spending is beginning to translate into hard power,” says John Hemmings, an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute.

“This is the first major sign that a more confident Chinese grand strategy is emerging. It is in the South China Sea that there is a real risk of discord between the US and China.”

Source: BBC News Read more, it gets even more interesting.


I have been long saying that China has a different agenda than it is showing to the West. Their track record with Taiwan and Tibet, amongst others, has shown that they are a treacherous and dangerous country. The West will only learn this when it is too late and at great cost of Western civilisation.

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