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Who gives a damned?

American Idol winner crowned in record-breaking finale

Phillip Phillips pipped fellow finalist Jessica Sanchez to the post

Guitar player and singer Phillip Phillips has won the American Idol talent show, with viewers casting a record number of votes.

Phillips, 21, a shop worker from Leesburg, Georgia, was overcome with emotion as he ended the show with his first single, “Home”.

Runner-up was Jessica Sanchez, 16, a southern Californian of Filipino and Latino descent.

The contest remains one of the most-watched shows on US television.

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Who gives a shit?

The hype over this programme and others of reality ilk is purely to hide what is really happening to the USA. To hide how the country is being screwed by politicians and bankers.

If Americans watched the news (not Faux) they would find out how the country is being ripped form under their feet like an old carpet.

“Did you watch American Idol?”

“Oh yeah, great show.”

“Do you know what’s happening to the American Constitution?”

“The what?”

“The American Constitution.”

“Is that a new show coming on?”

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China has One Thing Almost Right

China to limit ‘vulgar’ reality television shows

Satellite television channels are hugely popular in China, but often fall foul of authorities

China is to clamp down on the number of entertainment shows broadcast on satellite television channels in a bid to boost public morality.

Authorities are concerned at the “vulgar tendencies” of light entertainment shows, particularly reality TV, dating and talk shows.

From next year, satellite channels will each be permitted to screen only two programmes of this type a week.

Networks will be required to promote “socialist core values” instead.

Source: BBC News Read more


Well, congratulations, almost, to China.

The clamp down on reality TV should be global. It is the worst type of TV, it is banal, it is keeping people from the real issues of the day like the US government’s slights of hand.

Really the same needs to be said of the majority of soap operas and other crap that is being served into the world’s homes on a daily basis.

The thing that the Chinese haven’t got right is the “socialist core values” bit. Haven’t they discovered yet that it doesn’t work. Well, they probably have, but while it works for the elite bugger the people.

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945). The Chinese haven’t figured that out yet.

But I do agree on their stance on reality TV. Now, I am not talking censorship, I am talking about the criminal lambasting of the people with banal rubbish that deadens the mind, that is TV’s excuse for programming.

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