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F1 Farce

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Occupy LSX at St Paul's

Senior staff at St Paul’s Cathedral are continuing to meet City of London Corporation (CLC) officials over the decision to close it – the first time since World War II….

…Stuart Fraser, policy and resources committee chairman on the CLC, said he was still hopeful “common sense will prevail” and that those camping around the cathedral “will recognise that they are damaging the integrity of their protest by their actions – and they decide to disband in a peaceful manner”.

Source: BBC News Read more.


Why is it assumed that the occupiers should see ‘common sense’? Why can’t the government see common sense and right the wrongs?

‘recognise that they are damaging the integrity…’ Hahaha, that’s laughable since the government has done exactly the same, at least the protesters HAVE some integrity.

It all seems very one-sided to me.

But, of course, it is always the protesters that are in the wrong when it comes to the establishment.


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Nothing Happened

One news source that I have always found reliable is BBC News.

That is until this weekend.

I have noted that in the past few days there has been an ABSENCE of news about the Occupy Wall Street protesters, good or bad.

It’s as though there was no OWS.

Even references to past articles have  just disappeared.

Just goes to show the power of the mainstream media even across the Atlantic.

No wonder the people are waking up, OWS will not just go away, even if the controllers of the mainstream media want it to.

You cannot trust the mainstream media any longer.

Occupy Wall Street official site

The Guardian timeline


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