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Piracy on the Net


Are ‘designed’ to stop internet piracy because the big recording industry is losing money.

My question is…

Where were these infringing laws when the recording industry is the biggest damn pirate the ever existed?

The recording industry has been stealing copyrights to music long before the internet. Who tried to stop the bastards then?


UK Manager Says Major Labels Steal More Music Than Filesharers

The former frontman for the UK band Orange Juice was recently denied the right to post his own song on Myspace due to copyright confusion. Turns out a major label claimed to own it, essentially stealing it. His wife and manager says labels steal more music than filesharers. (Source: The Portastylistic)

Artist’s woes illustrate the problems with copyright in the U.S. and abroad.

Source: Daily Tech Read more


It would seem that the recording industry is squealing like a stuck pig so the governments run to their aid.

When the industry itself has been doing exactly the same thing to artists for years.

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Tits in a Tangle

America has got its tits in a tangle since the world demonstrated that it would not tolerate their SOPA and PIPA laws with Blackout Wednesday.

The Americans sure backed down, and backed down quickly.

They turned their attention to MegaUploads and proved that they don’t need SOPA and PIPA to do their bidding, they already have the legal mechanisms to combat piracy.

But I feel that America is going to finish up with egg on its face over this.

I have never subscribed to MegaUploads, in fact, until the skirmish I didnt know MegaUploads existed, which shows extremely poor marketing skills.

So given that I knew next to nothing about them, I have been keenly interested in the furore.

Pity the Americans hadn’t been similarly interested sufficiently to find out more.

From my reading I find that MegaUploads was not into piracy, in fact they actively acted against piracy. They made no money from piracy, their money came from subscribers and advertising. A major portion of their clientèle were in fact not into piracy, but also used MegaUploads as a data base for legitimate companies and busineses; who, rightly so, are extremely upset about MegaUploads being shut down with the result they have lost business data.

I can see facing massive lawsuits over this, with the resulting fines and compensation being big enough to literally break America’s financial back, remembering that the American economy is not so shit hot at present. But that’s okay, Bernake will fire up the printing presses again so he can print trillion dollar banknotes like Zimbabwe did in the same situation.

America has overstepped the bounds on this, they behaved like the playground bully… again.

I will be watching developments closely, because the Americans went off at half cock over this, and anybody who has ever shot black powder knows full well that’s dangerous.

Just as an aside, I said just the week before the Wednesday blackout, that the internet was too big for the governments to control.

The hacker attacks that followed the MegaUploads fiasco proved that I was right. I can see future attacks being bigger, more wide ranging and of longer duration.

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The Internet is Safe – For now

Don’t Worry Internet, I Got Your Back on That SOPA Thing

Last month, I took a lot of abuse from readers who said I was nuts to argue that President Obama would veto the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), in the event that Congress passed it and sent it to his desk.

Today it became clear that SOPA, at least in its current form, will never get that far. Word came from the White House today that the administration, while sympathetic to the cause of curbing online piracy, will support neither the SOPA bill nor its companion bill — known as PIPA — in the Senate.

Responding to a petition, the White House announced in a blog post today that Obama will not “support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.”

Basically, what it comes down to is this: Piracy is bad, but approaches like SOPA are bad solutions that would potentially hurt the free-flowing, vibrant Internet we’ve all come to rely on for so many things. As the statement reads: “Any effort to combat online piracy must guard against the risk of online censorship of lawful activity and must not inhibit innovation by our dynamic businesses large and small.”

That aligns pretty closely with a statement that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made in a recent speech in The Hague, in which she said that governments must fight the theft of intellectual property, “without compromising the global network, its dynamism or our principles.”

On top of that, some of the technical proposals in the bill — meant to remedy the piracy problem — go too far in tinkering, and might perhaps mess up the basic plumbing of the Internet itself. Doing so would probably create unforseen Internet security problems, the White House argues.

Any bill that does aim to clamp down on piracy should be “narrowly targeted,” and cover only “activity clearly prohibited under existing U.S. laws.” That’s also a pretty clear statement that the Administration sees SOPA, as currently written, to be vastly over-broad in its legislative intent.

Source: All Things D Read more


At last the Prez is being a Prez, although it hasn’t got that far yet.

The internet has made things tricky for politicians, it’s too big for them to mess with. Other countries who have tried to stifle the internet have found/are finding that out.

Any western politician who attempts to mess with the internet in the same manner as SOPA and PIPA is committing political suicide.

My opinion is that what we currently call piracy will become the norm for the internet. Attempts to stop piracy at it’s current levels must be costing more than the corporations claim to be losing. It is a battle that can never be won, it is the Vietnam of the entertainment industry. Better to embrace it and combine it into the greater scheme of things than to fight it.

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