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Pathetic, yes absolutely pathetic

commiserable, deplorable, distressing, feeble, heartbreaking, heartrending, inadequate, lamentable, meager, melting, miserable, moving, paltry, petty, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, poignant, poor, puny, rueful, sorry*, tender, touching, useless, woeful, worthless, wretched

These are all synonyms of ‘pathetic’ according to a thesaurus.

What is so remarkable about these synonyms is that they all apply to America’s politicians and mainstream media.

America is in the shit, no doubt about it. It’s in the shit right up to its eyeballs. It’s only by jumping at every minute fluctuation of the financial and economic graphs that they can get their noses above the shit long enough to shout, “RECOVERY!” Before being right back in it.

There is (read my lips) NO RECOVERY!

Since 2007/8 there have been no signs of recovery, merely the twitchings of a dying corpse.

The politicians are lying, the mainstream media are lying (by omission). Nobody is telling the truth.

Unemployment is going down and pigs can fly

You want to see how the politicians lie… Take unemployment, they say it’s 8.x% – That’s a lie. They changed the rules about what constitutes unemployment; if you take the formula they used 20 years ago the figure is between 22% – 27%. By changing the rules they can keep the figure low enough for you to swallow and believe in economic recovery.

20+% unemployed??? Oh yes, that’s a recovery… ROTFLMAO

“Barack Hussein Obama, his government, and his willing accomplices of the Lame Stream Media, have been touting a recovering ‘economy’ since practically the day he was elected. We have breathless media info-babes touting really fractional shifts of economic data as ‘proof of recovery’, while companies continue to close and others to lay off or not hire at all. I’ve been saying all along that this is no recovery… that there was nothing to back up the government’s claims.”Conservative Outpost: The Recovery Myth, And Other Fanciful Tales.

Face it! There is no recovery, and there won’t be one.

It’s only a matter of time before the shit is over your heads.

The biggest laugh of all is that Romney has all but won the Repugnican nomination to run against Obama by spouting the same policies that created the problem in the first place. If America survives until the election, Romney will hasten its demise.

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