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South China Sea

I have been critical of China’s claim to much of the South China Sea, and I remain critical of the majority of the claim as China is clearly being a greedy bastard.

But, I must side with China over the Paracel Islands, but not fully.

Paracel Islands

In this case it is Vietnam who are ignoring the 200 mile Economic Zone.

Most of the Paracel Islands are clearly in Chinese territorial waters with the exception of the south-western island of Triton Island which is in Vietnamese territorial waters.

The demarcation line is quite clear.

Both countries should resolve this dispute and accept the internationally accepted 200 mile Economic Zone.

However, this does not alter my views on the rapacious claims of China in respect to  other areas of the South China Sea. The area of the dotted red line claiming the Spratly Islands and almost the beaches of Sarawak and Brunei is nothing short of ridiculous.

The Spratly Islands are almost equally divided in respect of the 200 miles limit between the Philippines and Malaysia (one third each), one island in Brunei, one part in Vietnam and the rest (one third) in international waters.

Any claim by China to any part of the Spratly Islands is beyond comprehension. China needs to pull its avaricious neck in and worry more about its human rights record at home if it wants to become a respected member of the international community.

“China has decided “in principle” to build a supply dock on an island it disputes with Vietnam in the South China Sea.

The province of Hainan is looking to build on what is known as Jinqing in China and Duy Mong in Vietnam in the Paracel islands as part of tourism plans, according to a statement.

There have been tensions over both countries’ claims to the chain of small islands and reefs.

China has occupied the area since 1974.”BBC News Read more

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