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UN: Israeli settlements

… ‘violate Palestinian rights’

Yigal Palmor, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “It is terribly counterproductive”

Israeli settlements in the occupied territories violate Palestinians’ human rights in ways designed to drive them off the land, a UN report states.

The report says settlements displace Palestinians, destroy their crops and property, and subject them to violence.

Israel refused to co-operate with the inquiry by three UN researchers.

The Israeli foreign ministry said the report from the UN Human Rights Council was “counterproductive” and would hamper the peace process.

“The only way to resolve all pending issues between Israel and the Palestinians, including the settlements issue, is through direct negotiations without pre-conditions,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systematically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel. This latest report is yet another unfortunate reminder of that.”

The report is likely further to strain relations between Israel and the UN, the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says.

On Thursday, the French, Pakistani and Botswanan UN report authors demanded Israel cease all settlement activities, saying Israel was “committing serious breaches” of humanitarian law.

“The magnitude of violations relating to Israel’s policies of dispossessions, evictions, demolitions and displacements from land shows the widespread nature of these breaches of human rights,” Unity Dow, member of the fact-finding mission from Botswana, said in a statement.

“The motivation behind violence and intimidation against the Palestinians and their properties is to drive the local populations away from their lands, allowing the settlements to expand.”


The report comes two days after Israel failed to turn up at a UN review of its human rights record.

About 520,000 Israeli settlers reside in about 250 separate settlements in East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, the report states. Some of the settlements were built without government authorisation.

The growth in the settler population has hastened over the past decade compared to growth in Israel. The government in place since April 2009, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has “contributed to the consolidation and expansion” of settlements, the report states.

The settlements violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prevents an occupying power from transferring its own population into occupied territory, the report states.

“The transfer of Israeli citizens into the Occupied Palestinian Territories, prohibited under international humanitarian law and international criminal law, is a central feature of Israel’s practices and policies,” it adds.


The whole world is wrong… only Israel is right!

As for the whinging of Yigal Palmor, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “It is terribly counterproductive” The only thing that is counterproductive is Israel’s continued belligerence!

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Death Sentence for Throwing Stones

No where in the civilised world does a teenager get sentenced to death by summary execution for throwing stones!

That is, unless you are near Israel and happen to be a Palestinian teenager.

Palestinian student killed near West Bank barrier

The killing of Samir Ahmed Awad is the latest of a series in recent day in Gaza and the West Bank

A 17-year-old Palestinian has been shot dead by Israeli forces in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian medical sources say Samir Ahmed Awad died after being hit by three bullets in the village of Budrus.

It happened near a school situated about 200m (650ft) from the barrier that Israel has built in the territory.

The mayor of the village, Mohammed Morar, said students had thrown stones at Israeli soldiers as they left the school, before Awad was shot.

“It was the last day of school and some students threw stones. The soldiers caught him and tried to arrest him, but he escaped so they fired six bullets at him,” the mayor told the AFP agency.

A different account, reported by the Reuters agency, suggests that Awad was not involved in stone-throwing and was caught up in the incident when he returned to school on a bus for exams.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said troops had responded after several Palestinians “approached the security fence near Budrus and damaged it in an attempt to infiltrate Israel”. The incident is being investigated.

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Israel has fooled the world

Now it is throwing a tantrum over the UN decision and showing its true colours.

Israel never intended peace, it never intended to negotiate.

Israel’s intentions are the annihilation of the Palestinian people, always were.

From my point of view Israel has bawked at every initiative for the last 65 years and now they are saying that Palestine has not kept to agreements. Any agreements that existed are null and void by the passage of time.

Israel has illegally imprisoned a nation, and I sincerely hope that Palestine does take them to the ICC for war crimes, because they are crimes committed against international law.

Palestine at last has some teeth; and that’s the last thing Israel wanted.

I can only hope now that there is some progress.

The international community needs to isolate Israel, withdraw all diplomatic contact until Israel withdraws from the 1967 agreed areas; that means an end to all settlements and the removal of the ones that exist. Israel’s sea and land blockade of Palestine also needs to be removed.

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Middle East Conflicts before the Jews and Palestinians even Existed

Archaeology: “The Human-Neanderthal Wars”

“Thousands of years before Christians, Muslims, and Jews became locked in dispute over the Middle East, humans wrested control of the region from its true original inhabitants, the Neanderthals, in what one scientist compares to a prolonged game of football.


The Neanderthals, stocky and intelligent humanoids, lived in Europe and Western Asia for thousands of years before the first humans settled in the area. Then true humans moved into the region from Africa. The new arrivals settled the land, and the resident Neanderthals eventually died out or moved on as the humans continued to spread outward. By 30,000 years ago, humans had occupied most of the Old World, and Neanderthals had disappeared from the globe.


Exactly how ownership of the Middle East was resolved between Neanderthals and modern humans—and whether it was bloody in nature—remains a mystery. One thing that’s beyond doubt, however, is that the Neanderthals gave their successors a run for the land of milk and honey, according to Ofer Bar-Yosef, an archaeologist at Harvard University. “The battle between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals was like a football game,” he said last month in Boston at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “The Neanderthals were the losers. They were good players, but they just lost the game.” Like an exciting Superbowl match, the outcome of the confrontation wasn’t a forgone conclusion from the beginning, Bar-Yosef said.


The “game,” Bar-Yosef said, consisted of several changes in field position—long periods of time during which the two groups alternated ownership of present-day Israel and the Middle East. He and his colleague John Shea of the State University of New York at Stony Brook investigated how humans managed to out-compete the Neanderthals that already lived in the area. Their analysis focused on two archaeological sites in Israel, called Skhul (pronounced “school”) and Kafzeh. Archaeological evidence excavated at the sites years ago indicated that people had lived in the caves, at least occasionally, for more than 130,000 years.


Most remarkable about the finds was the discovery that the caves had changed hands between Neanderthals and modern humans no fewer than three times. In the upper layers of the dirt floors in both caves, archaeologists found bones of humans. Lower down, in layers that were deposited between 47,000 to 65,000 years ago, human bones were absent, but researchers excavated Neanderthal remains. That discovery corresponds to a period of Neanderthal occupation of the site that lasted nearly 20,000 years. To the researchers’ surprise, however, they uncovered more human remains beneath those of the Neanderthals in both caves. These ancient bones dated to an era that stretched from 80,000 to 130,000 years ago. From the deepest layers of dirt beneath the cave floors, which accumulated more than 130,000 years ago, they again found Neanderthal bones. The finding indicated that Skhul and Kafzeh—and, presumably, much or all of the surrounding region—passed from human hands back into Neanderthal control between 65,000 and 80,000 years ago. Humans were apparently unsuccessful in their first bid to take over the region.

What caused ownership of the caves to flip-flop? Where did the Neandertals retreat to when they first surrendered the region to the newcomers from Africa? And what made the Neandertals reclaim the caves later? Bar-Yosef and Shea set out to answer these questions. Based on their analysis of the tools and hearths made by the early residents of Israel, the researchers concluded that modern humans didn’t use superior technology or intelligence to take over the site. The two groups seem to have been evenly matched in those departments.

Neanderthals “were not dumb,” Bar-Yosef said. “They weren’t making any bone tools or seashell ornaments,” like humans were at the time, but “they were digging their hearths exactly like modern humans,” he said. The slight differences in the sophistication of stone tools each group produced could not explain any superiority the humans may have had, the scientists said. And when it came to brute strength, the muscular Neanderthals had a clear advantage. Perhaps Mother Nature had a key role in the power play over the region. Climate changes may have coaxed humans out of Africa and into the region, and encouraged Neanderthals already living there to spread outward into other parts of Asia and southeastern Europe.


But a climatic reversal also could have turned the tables. “Neanderthal populations [may have been] driven south by rapid climate change around 75,000 years ago,” Bar-Yosef said at the meeting in Boston. Europe and Northern Asia were experiencing a cool era at that time, and even hearty Neanderthals probably would have found the warmer climates to the south enticing. They pushed back into the region, probably from the Caucasus region to the north, and drove the humans then living there into retreat, Bar-Yosef suggested. Only a second advance by humans thousands of years later—one that was more permanently successful—ultimately settled the question of which species would prevail. In a separate presentation at the Boston meeting, archaeologist Mary Stiner of the University of Arizona in Tucson suggested that the later advance by humans might have been set in motion by growing population densities that forced some members of the species to push out of Africa.”

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The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Mitt Romney secret video reveals views on Middle East

Mr Romney also warns the US could come under attack from Iran

A new secret video clip has emerged of remarks by Republican candidate Mitt Romney, saying the Palestinians are committed to Israel’s destruction.

He tells donors the Middle East will “remain an unsolved problem… and we kick the ball down the field”.

The video is from the same event as a clip released on Monday, in which Mr Romney says almost half of Americans “believe that they are victims”.

The leak comes seven weeks before the US presidential election.

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This man blunders from one international crisis to the next, this time he has said that Palestine is “committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel”. – BBC. He forgets to mention that Israel has the same agenda, the destruction of Palestine.

This blundering fool will have the world enmeshed in a series of wars like we have never seen before before you can blink.

Put in the White House… he should be put in a straight jacket and certified.

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Time to Cut Israel Loose

Israel’s hypocracy has just gone too far!

It’s time to cut them loose, and let them sink or swim.

Israel ends contact with UN Human Rights Council

The Palestinians have demanded an end to Israeli settlement building as a prerequisite for peace talks

Israel has cut working relations with the UN Human Rights Council, officials say, after it decided to investigate Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

The foreign ministry has reportedly told its envoy in Geneva not to co-operate with the council or with UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay.

It will also prevent a UN team entering Israel to assess the effects of settlements on Palestinian rights.

Last week, Israel said the decision to establish the probe was “surrealistic”.

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on a two-state solution stalled in late 2010 after a dispute over settlement construction.

About 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

‘Superfluous and extravagant’

On Thursday, the Human Rights Council voted by 36 to one, with 10 abstentions, to send an independent international fact-finding mission to look into the issue.

The council said the mission would “investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”.

The council also called on Israel not to obstruct the process of investigation and to co-operate fully with the mission.

But on Monday, senior Israeli officials said their country’s representative at the UN in Geneva had been ordered to cut off contact immediately with the council, and also to ignore calls from the human rights commissioner.

Members of the council will also not be permitted to visit Israel.

“The secretariat of the human rights council and Navi Pillay sparked this process by establishing an international investigative committee on settlements, and we will thus not work with them any more and will not appear before the council,” one official told the Haaretz newspaper.

Israel is reportedly also considering sanctions against the Palestinian Authority in response to the Human Rights Council decision.

The Palestinians have said they are preparing maps and photos to show as evidence for the committee.

In a statement last week, the Israeli foreign ministry launched a withering attack on the Human Rights Council.

“While all over the Middle East human rights are violated in an unprecedented scale, the HRC ridicules itself by dedicating its time and resources to establish a superfluous and extravagant body,” the statement said.

It added that the “sole purpose” of the inquiry was “to satisfy the Palestinians’ whims and to harm future chances to reach an agreement through peaceful means”.

The US meanwhile said the investigation would “do nothing to promote a just and lasting peace” and only serve to “push parties apart”.

The Israeli authorities also did not co-operate with the fact-finding mission set up by the council following the conflict in Gaza in 2009.

Source: BBC News


This issue is a festering sore.

For decades Israel has ignored the UN resolutions over settlements.

“While all over the Middle East human rights are violated in an unprecedented scale, the HRC ridicules itself by dedicating its time and resources to establish a superfluous and extravagant body,” the statement said.”

And Israel is violating Human Rights on the same unprecedented scale. So there is nothing ‘superfluous or extravagant’ about it.

The US meanwhile said the investigation would “do nothing to promote a just and lasting peace” and only serve to “push parties apart”.

The parties are so far apart already, it is time that such an investigation took place. But of course, the USA would be against it. Can’t damage the Jewish lobby can we?

Israel is demanding international cooperation against the supposed threat of Iran’s nuclear capacity. Maybe the international community (including the USA) should say “Remove all the settlements first, then ask us.”

It has been obvious for years that Israel doesn’t want a solution!


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Newt Gingrich Couldn’t run a Walmart!

I doubt he has the intelligence to tie his own shoe laces

…and he wants to run America?

The idea is laughable.

His lastest gaff calling Palestinians an “invented” people and “terrorists”. Shows that he clearly has no idea of the history of the matter.

“Remember there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman empire,” he said.

Check the history books. The first use of the name Palestine was around the 5th century and it was known by various similar names as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Rameses III c. 1150BC. Ah, and for the simple minded Gingrich, that means that Palestine existed  more than a millennium before Christ.

The similar names, mentioned above, have come about by etymological changes throughout three millennia. You do understand ‘etymology’ Gingrich; it’s what you Americans have done to English in about 500 years, imagine what American English will be like after another more than two millennia. People might even be saying that the American people are an ‘invented’ people. Hell, we already know they are terrorists.

Philistines are older than Christianity

Pilistu became Philistine, which became Palestine. Pilistu was first used by the Assyrians, a known fact, in 800BC. Aristotle (whose intelligence I prefer over the lack of the same in Gringrich) referred to Palestine in Meteorology when referring to the anomally of buoyancy in the Dead Sea, oh, when was that? Ah, yes, 350BC, still before Christ.

Modern archaeologists and historians of the region refer to their field of study as Syro-Palestinian archaeology. There is no mention of Israel there.

So, Newt Gingrich, get your facts straight before you begin frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog.


This is my response to the BBC News article today reporting Gingrich’s comments in a television interview on Friday and in a candidates’ debate on Saturday..

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‘New setback’ for Palestinian hopes

“A UN diplomat says the UK, France and Colombia have told Security Council members they would abstain in any vote on Palestinian membership.”

Only cowards sit on the fence and abstain!

“In real terms this does not matter, because the Americans have already made it clear they would veto the Palestinian request.”

The Americans and English should be disqualified from voting on an issue they created.

“Britain and France support Palestinian statehood in principle.”

Then why abstain?

“But they have expressed concern that a Palestinian bid to become a UN member state right now could harm chances of reviving the peace process.”

Peace process… that would be a joke if it wasn’t for the tragic loss of lives. There never has been a ‘peace process’ the whole thing is a front, a blind to avoid the issue.

The issue is simple; the need of the Palestinians to have their homeland, or at least some livable part of it returned versus the unwavering belligerence of the Israelis determined to obliterate them from the face of the Earth.

“There is also general concern here that a Palestinian confrontation with the Americans on this issue could ignite violence in the Middle East.”

That wouldn’t surprise me. This issue has been simmering for far too long and I can see it coming to a head.

American veto will see the pot boil over and set the stove on fire.

The quotes used in this post are from the BBC News article: ‘New setback’ for Palestinian hopes on UN membership Read the full story.

Once again, to those who would accuse me of antisemitism, I am not; however I am against any asshole nation that can’t/won’t capitulate for the sake of peace.

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What did I say?

Israel doesn’t want peace, it is determined to do everything to avoid peace, and then keep screaming innocence.

Istn’t that what I said on: Israel Has No Intentions of Peace?

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a “basic right of our people”.

Netanyahu whining about the outcry over acceleration of building in the settlements.

What about the Palestinian rights that Israel has ridden rough shod over since 1948? Doesn’t Palestine have any rights?

EU policy chief Catherine Ashton urged Israel to reverse the decision and called on both sides to return to the negotiating table.

“Israeli settlement activity is illegal under international law including in East Jerusalem and an obstacle to peace. We have stated this many times before,” she said.

Why doesn’t the UN authorise a “No Fly Zone” with bombs like they did with Libya to protect the Palestinian people in their own land? The UN was quick enough to do it to Gadaffi. Netanyahu has proved that he is no better by his attitude, because if the Palestinians try to stop the settlements on their land, be in no doubt Netanyahu will kill them and claim he was right to do so!

Netanyahu has said “negotiate” with Palestine trying for UN membership, he wants negotiation. What a load of tripe! Read this:

“We are building in Jerusalem because it is our right and our duty to this generation and future generations, not as punishment but as the basic right of our people to build in its eternal city,” he (Netanyahu) said on Wednesday.

“Jerusalem will never return to the state it was in on the eve of the (1967) Six-Day War, that I promise you.”

The last paragraphs says it very clearly. There will be no negotiations!

There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is the aggressor. Bu.. but the Palestinians keep throwing bombs… (Netanyahu sniveling in response). So would I if you tried to build a house on MY LAND!

The quotes (italics) for this post are from:

BBC News: Israeli settlements condemned by Western powers



Israeli settlements condemned by Western powers


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Israel Has No Intentions of Peace

This dove hasn't been born yet, and Israel doesn't want it to be.

Never did, never will have. The whole ‘peace negotiations’ is a sham, a façade to fool the world into thinking Israel is a nice country.

They don’t want Palestine to be a country – ever!

Because once it’s a country recognised by the UN, they know they are in the shit up to their eyeballs.

The prisoner exchange is a spurious attempt to dupe the world again, now they have their precious Gilad back, I am betting that the next move is a refusal to had over the second lot of Palestinian prisoners in the name of retaliation.

They have already attacked Palestine since the truce, they have steadfastly held to the fact that Jerusalem will never be divided, and now this:

Israel to speed up settler homes after Unesco vote

Almost 500,000 Jews already live in settlements on occupied territory

Israel says it will speed up Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – and temporarily freeze the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority.

The announcement comes a day after the Palestinians won full membership of the UN cultural organisation, Unesco.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says the move will speed up the destruction of the peace process.

The Israeli government has described the Unesco vote as a “tragedy”.

Source: BBC News Read more


The only “tragedy” here is that the world betrayed Palestine in 1948.

Check this and see what the world did to the Palestinian people:

Paelstine 1948 - 2000 and worsening!

The plan is obvious, Israel wants to obliterate Palestine, Israel will not be happy until green disappears from this map, Israel will not be happy until the last Palestinian is dead.

Then what?

The Torah or Pentateuch

Remember, the Christians are Jewish enemies too.

Are you a Christian?

The Torah says that Gentiles are the enemy too.

You are a Gentile, if you are not Jewish, then you are.

Are you next?

Watch this space…

Obama has said that he will veto any attempt by Palestine to become a full member of the UN. He has to; Israel said so.

Israel owns the USA. Israel has the USA by the financial gonads and will squeeze and twist them until the USA writhes on the floor in agony, if they don’t obey.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the big names that have brought the financial crisis to America; look at the origins of the names. They are obeying the Torah, systematically, subversively destroying the Gentile world.

It says in the Tanakh (Jewish Bilble) “the meek, the righteous or “those who wait upon the Lord” as they who shall inherit the earth.” As it also says in the Christian Bible, “The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever,” – King James version.

The Christians and the Jews (and incidentally the Muslims, because the Koran says the same thing “My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth“) are fighting the same battle; they all think they are “the meek, the righteous.”

While religion controls the masses and has them frothing at the mouth, Christian, Jews and Muslims, there will never be peace in the world. Any attempt is a farce.

This is not to say that there aren’t good people in all religions, but the fanatics (religious right Christians, Zionists and fundamental Muslims) are destroying any chance of peace because “God” said so.

NB: I am not going to enter into a religious argument, these are my beliefs and opinions as I see them and am entitled to have them, rightly or wrongly; if you don’t like them, don’t read them. Any comments left that are based on theology they will be moderated. Comments on the core issue of the post will remain.

Oh, and don’t blow this off by saying I am anti-Semitic, I am anti any religious zealot.

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