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Too Late!

US government orders removal of Defcad 3D-gun designs

The BBC’s Rebecca Morelle saw the 3D-printed gun’s first test in Austin, Texas

The US government has demanded designs for a 3D-printed gun be taken offline.

The order to remove the blueprints for the plastic gun comes after they were downloaded more than 100,000 times.

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That’s my guess, it’s too late.

100,000 accesses/downloads, it’d be like using a bath plug to stop Niagara Falls.

For me personally, I don’t care. I’m not interested. In all probability criminals and terrorists aren’t interested either; they want the real McCoy. Not some mock-up they may or may not blow up in their hands.

School kids may be. They’ll want to experiment as I did with chemistry.

The horse has gone, don’t bother shutting the barn door.


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