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Saturday Satire

From the Borowitz Report:

Pepper Spray - a good future

…Elsewhere, in response to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in lower Manhattan, banking giant Goldman Sachs announced today that it was investing in pepper-spray futures.

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This is what America has become, and it will get worse. The people you pay for protection are becoming your enemies. If you protest, you have become a domestic terrorist and will be treated as such by the authorities, the laws have been made so that this can happen.

Watch this video, you decide who the troublemakers are…

Now have a look at this video from BBC News


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The People are Waking Up

Anti-Wall Street protesters arrested in New York

At least 80 people have been arrested during an anti-Wall Street march in New York’s financial district.

Police arresting disorderly protesters

Several hundred people took part in Saturday’s march, which was intended to draw attention to “corporate greed and corrupt politics” in the US.

Participants carried banners supporting a range of other issues, including healthcare reform, an end to US wars and the scrapping of the death penalty.

The march came after a week of protests by the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

The loosely organised group says it is defending 99% of the US population against the wealthiest 1%, and had called for 20,000 people to “flood into lower Manhattan” on 17 September and remain there for “a few months”.

Protesters, who are mostly young, initially numbered some 1,500 but their numbers had fallen to about 200 by Saturday’s march.

There was a heavy security presence in the district, with police deploying nets to block off major roads including Fifth Avenue and to protect the New York Stock Exchange.

Corporate ‘enemy’

One protester, 21-year-old Ryan Reed, said he joined in “because what I see – and what I feel most people in this country see – is an economy and a system that’s collapsing”.

“The enemy is the big business leaders of Wall Street, the big oil company leaders, the coal company leaders, the big military industrial leaders.”

A number of placards also called for “justice for Troy Davies”, the US man executed in Georgia last week amid widespread criticism.

Police said most of Saturday’s arrests were for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic, but one person was charged with assaulting a police officer. One officer also suffered a shoulder injury, said police.

They have not commented on protest organisers’ comments that there had been an “unprecedented level of police aggression” on display.

A statement on the Occupy Wall Street website said the protesters have “an interest in returning the US back into the hands of its individual citizens”.

“Our nation, our species and our world are in crisis. The US has an important role to play in the solution, but we can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies if our nation.”

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Well, it looks like the American people are waking up; and they’re not at all happy.

Corporate America

They’re not happy with the government. They’re not happy with Corporate America for controlling the government. They’re not happy with the bankers, nor Wall St.

This could spell major problems for the government. Because social unrest is on the horizon; something I said would happen two years ago and people got angry at me for saying it.

Is this the beginning of a civil war to retake America from the corporations and give it back to the people?

I suggest a civil war because any uprising of the people will be met with force. The American police are better armed and trained than some military forces, they are being trained to take you, the American people, down; you have become domestic terrorists!

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