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Enough to Make Jesus Weep

North Carolina Charity Threatened With Arrest For Feeding Homeless People

CREDIT: Love Wins Ministries

A group that for years has handed out food to the homeless in Raleigh every weekend was threatened with arrest if they continued their charity work.

This past Saturday, Rev. Hugh Hollowell and other members of Love Wins Ministries (LWM), a Christian organization based in Raleigh, shuttled over hot coffee and 100 breakfast sandwiches to feed the needy downtown. Though a Raleigh city ordinance prevents anyone from distributing food in a park without a permit, LWM had a “good working relationship with the Raleigh Police Department” and had disbursed food from the sidewalk for the past six years, according to the group’s website.

However, this weekend was different, for reasons that are not yet clear. As LWM was setting up, they were approached by Raleigh police officers who informed them that if they tried to hand out their breakfast sandwiches, they would be arrested. As 70 needy people watched and waited for breakfast, LWM was forced to pack up the sandwiches and leave without distributing any food. They were told that a permit would cost $1,600 every weekend for use of the park, but the officer allegedly told them it was unlikely their application would be approved regardless.

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Delusions of Grandeur

N. Carolina lawmakers reject sea level rise predictions

* Vote by Republican majority backed by real estate developers

* Panel of scientists projected big rise based on seven studies

* Democrats say vote makes state an object of ridicule

* Governor could veto measure, inviting legislative override

By Wade Rawlins

RALEIGH, N.C., July 3 (Reuters) – Lawmakers in North Carolina, which has a long Atlantic Ocean coastline and vast areas of low-lying land, voted on Tuesday to ignore studies predicting a rapid rise in sea level due to climate change and postpone planning for the consequences.

Opponents of the measure said it was a case of legislators “putting our heads in the sand” to avoid acknowledging the possible effects of global warming.

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N. Carolina lawmakers have clearly demonstrated themselves as candidates for the Village Idiot Awards as they raise their hands Moses-like to keep the waters at bay.

That the world is governed by such fools…

At least there is a blessing, these idiots only control N. Carolina, the rest of us are free to humble ourselves before the onslaught of nature and the inevitable proof of future events.


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Dear North Carolina:

So, I hear you’ve gone ahead and passed Amendment 1, putting a ban on gay marriage right into your state constitution. Well done, your decision will be remembered by future historians centuries from now. Of course, it will be remembered in much the same way as today’s historians remember your 1875 constitutional amendment to ban interracial marriages, but hey, you’re getting in the history books, and that’s what matters, right?

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