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Their own worst enemy

I am probably going to be castigated over this post, but I am telling it as I see it.

I am normally a fairly tolerant person, in that I respect a person’s religious beliefs; given that I don’t subscribe to any (that is another story).

But I have always been dead set against the kidnappings,  stonings, hangings and frequency of executions in the name of Islam.

Christianity had these too, if you consider the book of Leviticus, but at least even the fundamentalists have thrown those out for what they are, barbaric.

But the adherents of Islam have not.

Why, does Islam want to remain in the stone age?

I admit to knowing but few Muslims, and the ones I have know have been decent people.

The spread of Islam

However, from what one reads in the news, one can’t help but think that Islam is nothing more than an excuse for blood-letting. That is not religion.

Fundamentalist Islam education is limited to the Koran

It appears that the world, in general, is tiring of all this. I read a report just yesterday that in England 59% of the voters would vote for candidates who promised to limit or deny Muslim immigration, against 33% who said the opposite. Now they are pretty weighted figures, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

I would imagine that the USA figures in such a poll would be even more weighted given that Muslims were blamed for 9/11, a view I do not share.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Now we have this controversy over some damned film that offends Mohammad. And all the stink in the Middle East has broken loose, especially with the deaths of the Americans in Libya. Not only that but some Lebanese religious leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has exacerbated the situation by calling for more violence.

This is not the action of a religious leader, be he Muslim, Christian or some little green man from Mars.

Inciting hostility like this can only serve to spread the violence and in doing so put the rest of the world even further off side than it is already.

I am not expecting to world of Islam to embrace America over this issue, but at least to take reprisals responsibly through the correct channels. I fully suspect that had the Islamic world taken appropriate action, then the western world would have been far more sympathetic as we have laws that prohibit religious wrongs; instead they have raised the hackles of the west.

Islam is only distancing itself further from the rest of the world through its fundamentalist violent nature.

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DIShonour Killings

Canada ‘honour’ killings: Shafia family found guilty

The three members of the Shafia family convicted were sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison

Three members of an Afghanistan-born family in the Canadian city of Kingston have been found guilty of murdering three daughters and a first wife in a so-called “honour” killing.

The victims’ bodies were found in a car submerged in a canal in June 2009.

The girls’ father and brother and the father’s second wife will serve a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors said the father was angered that his two eldest daughters wanted boyfriends, in defiance of his values.


Young Afghan woman mutilated by her husband for reportedly committing adultery - he killed his last wife

These so called ‘honour’ killings and mutilations are a disgrace to humanity and any religion.

These people went to Canada, this is not a Canadian custom, they obey Canadian laws. If they don’t like it, go somewhere that accepts that behaviour.

‘Honour’ killings are horrendous and I am in favour of the death penalty in these cases because they are premeditated murders with no mercy shown on the victim.

“Of all the evils spawned by the feudal society, honor killing is arguably the most heinous.”

Quote from: Viewpoint Read about the Pakistani plague.

“The young woman found in a drainage ditch near Daharki in Pakistan, ‘honour’ killed by her family as she gave birth to her second child, her nose, ears and lips chopped off before being axed to death, her first infant lying dead among her clothes, her newborn’s torso still in her womb, its head already emerging from her body … She was badly decomposed; the local police were asked to bury her. Women carried the three to a grave, but a Muslim cleric refused to say prayers for her because it was ‘irreligious’ to participate in the namaz-e-janaza prayers for ‘a cursed woman and her illegitimate children.’”

“I am hardly the first pundit to bemoan the lack of Western feminists who’ve shown any interest in this gendered genocide. Most are too busy denouncing the phallocentricity of free trade and unregistered guns to mourn the killing of 20,000 women every year for the crime of falling in love, having boyfriends, bearing children — which is to say, being human.”

Quotes from: National Post Read more about the Afghan horror.

Read here about more of this in the USA

20,000 women die like dogs because of this barbaric religious practice annully. The hardliners of these religions need to be brought screaming into the 21st century.

Lewisville High School students, Amina and Sarah, were found dead

In America today

A man on the run from police since his teenage daughters were found shot to death in a taxicab on New Year’s Day had threatened to hurt one of the girls for dating a non-Muslim boy, according to police documents.

But sadly even the death penalty will not deter the zealous, because they will consider it an ‘honour’ to die because they carried out their religious duty… stupid bastards!

Makes me sick!

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Israel Has No Intentions of Peace

This dove hasn't been born yet, and Israel doesn't want it to be.

Never did, never will have. The whole ‘peace negotiations’ is a sham, a façade to fool the world into thinking Israel is a nice country.

They don’t want Palestine to be a country – ever!

Because once it’s a country recognised by the UN, they know they are in the shit up to their eyeballs.

The prisoner exchange is a spurious attempt to dupe the world again, now they have their precious Gilad back, I am betting that the next move is a refusal to had over the second lot of Palestinian prisoners in the name of retaliation.

They have already attacked Palestine since the truce, they have steadfastly held to the fact that Jerusalem will never be divided, and now this:

Israel to speed up settler homes after Unesco vote

Almost 500,000 Jews already live in settlements on occupied territory

Israel says it will speed up Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – and temporarily freeze the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority.

The announcement comes a day after the Palestinians won full membership of the UN cultural organisation, Unesco.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says the move will speed up the destruction of the peace process.

The Israeli government has described the Unesco vote as a “tragedy”.

Source: BBC News Read more


The only “tragedy” here is that the world betrayed Palestine in 1948.

Check this and see what the world did to the Palestinian people:

Paelstine 1948 - 2000 and worsening!

The plan is obvious, Israel wants to obliterate Palestine, Israel will not be happy until green disappears from this map, Israel will not be happy until the last Palestinian is dead.

Then what?

The Torah or Pentateuch

Remember, the Christians are Jewish enemies too.

Are you a Christian?

The Torah says that Gentiles are the enemy too.

You are a Gentile, if you are not Jewish, then you are.

Are you next?

Watch this space…

Obama has said that he will veto any attempt by Palestine to become a full member of the UN. He has to; Israel said so.

Israel owns the USA. Israel has the USA by the financial gonads and will squeeze and twist them until the USA writhes on the floor in agony, if they don’t obey.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the big names that have brought the financial crisis to America; look at the origins of the names. They are obeying the Torah, systematically, subversively destroying the Gentile world.

It says in the Tanakh (Jewish Bilble) “the meek, the righteous or “those who wait upon the Lord” as they who shall inherit the earth.” As it also says in the Christian Bible, “The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever,” – King James version.

The Christians and the Jews (and incidentally the Muslims, because the Koran says the same thing “My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth“) are fighting the same battle; they all think they are “the meek, the righteous.”

While religion controls the masses and has them frothing at the mouth, Christian, Jews and Muslims, there will never be peace in the world. Any attempt is a farce.

This is not to say that there aren’t good people in all religions, but the fanatics (religious right Christians, Zionists and fundamental Muslims) are destroying any chance of peace because “God” said so.

NB: I am not going to enter into a religious argument, these are my beliefs and opinions as I see them and am entitled to have them, rightly or wrongly; if you don’t like them, don’t read them. Any comments left that are based on theology they will be moderated. Comments on the core issue of the post will remain.

Oh, and don’t blow this off by saying I am anti-Semitic, I am anti any religious zealot.

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