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Here’s the Truth

#OccupyWallStreet Protestors: Police Led Crowd Onto Brooklyn Bridge, Then Maced And Assaulted Us

By Alexander Higgins

“Protestors at the front line of yesterday’s Occupy Wall street protest, which led to the arrest of 780 activists on the Brooklyn Bridge, says the police allowed the crowd the march onto the Brooklyn bridge where they were met by a brigade of police officer’s who aggressively elbowed, punched, tossed, dragged, and maced them. A NY Times reporter arrested on the scene with the protestors initially reported police allowed them to enter the Brooklyn Bridge, then blocked them in and arrested them. The NY Times changed their story to match the official police version 20 minutes later, saying the protestors entered the bridge despite repeated warnings not to enter the bridge.
Yesterday, I documented in real-time the unfolding events at Brooklyn Bridgewere over 780 people were mass arrested in a police setup. The event was streamed live to over 20,000 live web cam stream which switched back and forth from cameras set up at threes separate locations along the march. Since then hundreds of thousands have watched recordings of yesterdays videos. After the live streams went to playing previously recorded videos of the turmoil as it unfolded, I then documented the corporate media reports from news sites who had reporters on the ground and were reporting live on the situation.As I wrote in the above article, I did so before the story disappeared or changed. As a very popular post on Reddit points out  it only took 20 minutes for the New York Times to revise history.
Click image for larger size.
NY Times revises initial reports of Brooklyn Bridge arrests.
The revision of the article would be acceptable if the original story was provided by a third party source who was later found to be unreliable or if new information discredited the first source. But that is not what happened here. Colin Moyniham, who I have been in contact with recently about an article on the protests I am highly anticipating being published, has in fact co-authored other articles on the protests with Natasha Lennard. Now the kicker is Natasha Lennard was with the protestors on the bridge who were kettled and arrested and was the source of the information in article. Apparently, since the police have stated that report is not the official version, the NY Times had to disregard the version of events as reported by the protestors and even their own reporters who were caught in the middle of the anarchy.
Source: Running ‘Cause  can’t Fly. Read more to verify for yourself.


Verified. I read the original reports and then when I went to post on the matter, the original story had ‘disappeared’ and another version, supposedly ‘official’ was in place.
Remember who controls the media. They’ll print what they’re told to print; and they’ll change what they’re told to change.
Damage control!

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