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Satireday on Shit Happens

Queen Accepts Scotland’s Apology

by Andy Borowitz

LONDON (The Borowitz Report) – “In the aftermath of Scotland’s “no” vote in the referendum on becoming an independent country, Queen Elizabeth II, of Great Britain, took to the airwaves on Friday morning to inform the people of Scotland that she “graciously and wholeheartedly” accepted their apology. “Although the matter of independence has been settled, one question remains very much open,” she said in an address televised across Scotland. “And my answer to that question is this: yes, I forgive you.”

The Queen made only scant reference to her obscenity-laden tirade on Thursday, in which she reamed the Scots for even considering breaking away from the United Kingdom. “Like any parent with a naughty child, I became a little cross,” she said. “I forgive you for provoking me.” The Queen ended Friday’s address to the Scottish people on a conciliatory note. “Let us all, each and every one of us, move forward now as one great nation, enjoying the benefits and the history of our glorious and historic union,” she said. “Even the forty-five percent of you who are wankers.”


My source: Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly

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Is there a Falklands Solution?

Current Falkland Islands' flag

I think, yes.

Given the threatening authority of Argentina and the determination of Britain to maintain island security, I believe there is a middle ground.

Britain needs to give the Falkland Islands their independence, in much the same way as Jamaica achieved the same in 1962 while maintaining a Commonwealth Realm hold on the islands as protection against any military incursion.

Hellerick's proposed Falkland's flag

Once independent and with a flag of their own, the next step is for the United Nations to accept admission.

This as a solution would protect the islands and any further claim by Argentina would in fact be a declaration of war on another country.

Personally I see Hellerick’s flag as a compromise between the flags of Britain, retaining the Coat of Arms, and Argentina’s colours, given that the bottom bar is in the form of waves; all highly appropriate, given their geographic location, which is a part of Argentina’s grief. I see such a vexillographic compromise as a vital part of the solution.

At the moment, the Falkland Islanders are British. With Independence they would become Falkland Islanders, neither British, nor Argentinian.

Can't get much more British than red telephone booths and post boxes

Any success by the Argentinians to make the Falklands a part of Argentina has clearly been soundly rejected by the people who have collectively determined that they don’t want any part of Argentina or it’s corrupt government. They, at least the majority, are of British stock and should not be obliged to change their heritage, customs, language or form of governance by anybody.

The Falklands would have their own maritime exclusive zone that would not conflict with that of Argentina.

The Falkland Islanders can be left in peace and be subjected to the capricious whims of neither the greedy British nor the Argentinians to form their own government and constitution.

Matters of oil exploration can then be decided by their own government, not the British who would obviously profit handsomely; nor the avarice of the Argentinians.

The Falklanders would be able to decide who explores, who drills and who their customers are. More importantly, it would give the Falklanders financial independence.

Basically, the answer to the conflict is, send both parties packing, or in more blunt language, “Sod off and leave us in peace!”

Proud to be Falklanders

I think that this message is doubly important seeing that we are approaching the 30th anniversary of the sad state of affairs in 1982 and the possibility of matters coming to a head.

Who knows, perhaps in fifty years, like Jamaica, full independence can be considered and the links to Britain severed in safety.

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Most people don’t even know that Papua exists, nor that it is a part of Indonesia.

What was Dutch New Guinea (in the days of the Dutch East Indies), then Irian Barat, later Irian Jaya and finally renamed in 2002, Papua. With the creation of West Papua in 2007 being the western peninsula of Papua

It is the eastern-most part of Indonesia.

Independence has more recently been a ticklish issue, with several attempts in recent years.

The latest…

Indonesia quashes Papua independence rally

Papuans gather every year to raise the flag, but this year has been particularly violent

Several people have been injured after Indonesian forces fired shots at Papuans gathered to mark 50 years since declaring independence, activists say.

Hundreds of Papuans reportedly danced and sang in a field in Timika, a town near a huge gold mine that has been a flashpoint in the past.

Activists say police fired warning shots after the Morning Star flag, a banned independence symbol, was raised.

But police say they dispersed the crowds using peaceful methods.

They claim reports of the incident have been exaggerated: “There were three places where the flag was raised, but so far there has been no arrests,” Papua police spokesman Wachyono told BBC Indonesia.

But activists said that several people were injured when the police opened fire.

“Police and military attacked the mass and shot four people after the raising of Morning Star flag,” local activist Markus Haluk told the Jakarta Globe newspaper.

Elsewhere in Papua Province there were sporadic outbreaks of violence, and at least one police officer was wounded in an attack.

Accusations of abuse

Papua declared independence 50 years ago when the former colonial rulers the Dutch pulled out.

But it was put under UN protection a year later amid a sovereignty dispute with Indonesia, which claimed the resource-rich area.

And Indonesia eventually took over in 1969 after a controversial referendum.

Since then, some Papuans have fought a violent campaign for independence from Jakarta.

Rights groups have accused the Indonesian security forces of widespread human rights abuses, and the government of continuing repression.

The illegal symbol of independence - The Morning Star flag

Several people have received long jail terms simply for raising the Morning Star flag.

The operation of the Grasberg gold and copper mine by US firm Freeport near Timika has proved particularly controversial.

Workers’ groups accuse the firm of exploiting the workforce and giving nothing back to the community – allegations denied by Freeport.

Miners have been striking at the facility for months, and sporadic violence has broken out.


Source: BBC News

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