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I have issues

Yes, I do and they’re about the current hysteria of the recent school shooting in CT.

Issue #1

Initial reports of the shooting made no mention of an assault rifle until it was found in the shooter’s car. The shooter only used handguns in the school.

It wasn’t until the next day that the assault rifle was ‘removed’ from the car and placed in the school shooting.

The motive, I believe was political.

Issue #2

The emotive term ‘ high-powered assault rifle’ that is being bandied about by the media and politicians is bullshit! No assault rifle is high-powered; it has a fast rate of fire power, but that doesn’t make it ‘high-powered’.

This is your basic assault rifle cartridge .223 or 5.56mm

This is your basic assault rifle cartridge .223 or 5.56mm

High-powered means calibres like .270 Winchester, 375 Weatherby Magnum, .700 Nitro Express, now they are high-powered, but not semi/fully automatic. They are plain old bolt action rifles, or in the case of the latter two single shot. High-powered rifles do not fit the ‘Rambo’ image, whereas Ar-15 Colts or Stoners do.

.375 Weatherb Magnum, this is high-powered

.375 Weatherby Magnum, this is high-powered

.700 Nitro Express, this is high-power

.700 Nitro Express, this is high-power*

The use of ‘high-powered’ is nothing but media and political hysterics.

The guy had an assault rifle.

*I have tried to give approximate full scale images

Issue #3

I fired my first BB gun at 10, my first .22LR and .303 at 13, my first Bren Light Machine Gun at 14. I was a military weapons tech for 20+ years, I hunted and shot competition, civil and military.

I have used the AR-15 (and M-16 military) and I am not impressed by either, this rifle is neither use nor ornament for a hunter or for competition. It could certainly be handy as a home defender; apart from this I see no other use for this firearm in a civilian setting.

Issue #4

Guns are not the problem!

The problem is doling out prescription anti-depressants like candy.

Of course, Obama would never think to tackle the real problem because Big Pharma wouldn’t donate to his campaigns…

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Headlines & Hysteria

NB: Nothing in this post detracts from the loss of 20 young lives in CT in such tragic circumstances.

Once again, the world has a shooting, I say the world, because it doesn’t only happen in the USA. But I am going to look at three recent American incidents.

First question that we must ask, it why a school, a mall and a movie theatre?

The answer is simple, a school because guns are not permitted in schools, a mall because guns were not permitted, and the movie theatre, the same, no guns. So any gunman knows that he will not immediately be confronted and killed.

It is for this reason that you don’t see crazed gunmen attacking a police station, or a military academy, or a university (most have campus police, with guns).

Defenseless institutions are chosen.

The reason these institutions are chosen is because GUNS ARE BANNED!

And the current uproar is to ban more guns and make more institutions defenseless, thereby adding to the range of choices for deranged gunmen.

I fail to see the logic.

Obviously, so do you.

The NRA tells us that “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Now, you may think that the NRA is self serving, but they are quite right, you only have to look around the world at countries that have tight gun laws; in those countries, ONLY the outlaws have guns. In using the term ‘outlaws’ I also include crazy people.

Take a look at Switzerland. Every house has a gun because someone in that household is on the military reserve and has their weapon at home. Strange, I have never heard of a crazy shooting or a house invaded by armed criminals there. Which goes a long way to supporting the NRA hypothesis.

The problem is a mental health problem, nothing to do with guns at all.

If you care to read the following post: “Honest Voices Begin To Appear (CT)” by Karl Denninger, you will see that we should be shouting “Ban drugging kids with Prozac” and not banning guns. This post talks very clearly about what has changed in the lat 30 years, and it’s not the availability guns, it’s the availability prescription drugs, antidepressants, drugs that induce suicidal tendencies. These drugs are being fed to our kids like candy.

If you care to read further, try this post: “CT School Shootings; Facts Before Hype” by the same author. This post talks about the psychiatric make up of a deranged shooter and supports my views as above.

Look at this quote from the post:

“Occasionally, however, their plans go awry. For instance, in Oregon. “He was working on his rifle,” said Meli. “He kept pulling the charging handle and hitting the side.” The break in gunfire allowed Meli to pull out his own gun, but he never took his eyes off the shooter. “I’m not beating myself up cause I didn’t shoot him,” said Meli. “I know after he saw me I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.”

Indeed the shooter did shoot himself next, despite having multiple additional unarmed people available near him to continue his rampage, along with additional cartridges, once he unjammed the gun. Why? He saw the man who, despite a sign claiming that there were no guns in the mall, was in fact armed and able to return fire. The assailant’s illusion of a free-fire zone where all the people he wanted to shoot were free from the risk of returning fire had been dispelled; had he elected to shoot another unarmed and helpless individual the odds are good that he would have exposed himself to being shot as he would have had to move in a fashion that would have given the CCW holder a clear shot at him. As such he elected to take his own life since he knew, at that point, that he no longer had the ability to continue to murder people without reprisal.”

There was a gun present, despite signs in the mall saying there wouldn’t be. This disrupted the shooter’s plans, his only way out was suicide and that may have saved a lot more people being killed. They were saved by the presence of a gun!

So ignore the headlines, cut the hysteria, try thinking rationally.

Even Obama is being hysteric. Headline: ‘Obama seeking gun reform solution.’ While Obama’s tears may have been the tears of a father, they were mixed with crocodile tears eying the next election and scoring Brownie Points for the Democratic team. Obama is playing on the people’s hysteria.

The answers are there, hysteria is stopping us from finding them.

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