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Unmitigated Bullshit

Homeland Security and its cache of bullets

This handout photo provided by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), taken in Feb. 2010, shows training activities at the indoor range Glynco, Ga. Yes, it’s true, the government is buying ammo big time. No, it’s not to take up arms against the people, as an online conspiracy buzz has it. The Homeland Security Department is ordering more than 1.6 billion rounds over the next four or five years, roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the U.S. But the cache is for training agents and regular law enforcement, nothing sinister, officials say. (AP Photo/FLETC)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Online rumors about a big government munitions purchase are true, sort of.

The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years. It says it needs them — roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States — for law enforcement agents in training and on duty.

Published federal notices about the ammo buy have agitated conspiracy theorists since the fall. That’s when conservative radio host Alex Jones spoke of an “arms race against the American people” and said the government was “gearing up for total collapse, they’re gearing up for huge wars.”

The government’s explanation is much less sinister.

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As a military weapons instructor for more than 20 years, I can assure that the type of ammo that Homeland Security is purchasing is


For training you use ‘ball’ rounds (solid nose), NOT hollowpoints. Hollowpoints are designed for maximum damage when they hit a target (body, human or otherwise). They are expensive and not wasted on ‘paper’ targets.

“The government’s explanation is much less sinister.” is absolute and utter CRAP!

Consider that the military (not American), allowed 120 rounds annually for each soldier to maintain his/her prowess; therefore, the figures quoted for purchases, indicate that this is far more than required for training. Either that or their training is also CRAP and that they are nothing but wannabe cowboys.

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American Double Standards

After Purchasing 4.5 Million Hollow Points, Homeland Security Now Seeks 7,000 ‘Assault Weapons’

While lawmakers in Washington and media personalities across the country have been telling Americans for months now that nobody needs an “assault weapon,” it turns out that the government disagrees. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has requested the purchase of 7,000 “assault weapons,” all of which are AR-15 variants.

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Homeland Security call them ‘personal defence weapons’

When civilians own them, they become ‘assault weapons’

There is a high chance that these assault rifles will be used against Americans.

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How Futile – No Sense of Humor

Caution on Twitter urged as tourists barred from US

Post-9/11 USA is highly cautious of any perceived threat, Abta said

Holidaymakers have been warned to watch their words after two friends were refused entry to the US on security grounds after a tweet.

Before his trip, Leigh Van Bryan wrote that he was going to “destroy America”.

He insisted he was referring to simply having a good time – but was sent home.

Trade association Abta told the BBC that the case highlighted that holidaymakers should never do anything to raise “concern or suspicion in any way”.

The US Department for Homeland Security picked up Mr Bryan’s messages ahead of his holiday in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old bar manager wrote a message to a friend on the micro-blogging service, saying: “Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America.”

The Irish national told the Sun newspaper that he and his friend Emily Bunting were apprehended on arrival at Los Angeles International Airport before being sent home.

“The Homeland Security agents were treating me like some kind of terrorist,” Mr Bryan said.

“I kept saying they had got the wrong meaning from my tweet.”

No joke

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If this weren’t so pathetic, it’d be funny.

As soon as I read the tweet, I understood what he meant.

This is a case of Homeland Security making fools of themselves.

What a bunch of wankers!


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The Truth Behind Obama’s “Change”

Do you remember this?

Obama promised “Change!”

Well, he delivered…

He changed this,

Into this:

And you got this:

So, stop bitching, you got the change that he promised.

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Homeland Security Studying Two-Hour Video

After reading the The Borowitz Report I was bemused by this paragraph…

“Homeland Security spokesman Harland Dorinson said that the Department did not want to alarm the American people, “but whenever you have a group of individuals threatening to dismantle the US government piece by piece, it has to be taken seriously.”

The red is mine, because it is that that I want to address.

If this really is the case, why aren’t Bernake and the Federal Reserve, bankers and Wall Street all in prison awaiting execution?

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