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I have issues

Yes, I do and they’re about the current hysteria of the recent school shooting in CT.

Issue #1

Initial reports of the shooting made no mention of an assault rifle until it was found in the shooter’s car. The shooter only used handguns in the school.

It wasn’t until the next day that the assault rifle was ‘removed’ from the car and placed in the school shooting.

The motive, I believe was political.

Issue #2

The emotive term ‘ high-powered assault rifle’ that is being bandied about by the media and politicians is bullshit! No assault rifle is high-powered; it has a fast rate of fire power, but that doesn’t make it ‘high-powered’.

This is your basic assault rifle cartridge .223 or 5.56mm

This is your basic assault rifle cartridge .223 or 5.56mm

High-powered means calibres like .270 Winchester, 375 Weatherby Magnum, .700 Nitro Express, now they are high-powered, but not semi/fully automatic. They are plain old bolt action rifles, or in the case of the latter two single shot. High-powered rifles do not fit the ‘Rambo’ image, whereas Ar-15 Colts or Stoners do.

.375 Weatherb Magnum, this is high-powered

.375 Weatherby Magnum, this is high-powered

.700 Nitro Express, this is high-power

.700 Nitro Express, this is high-power*

The use of ‘high-powered’ is nothing but media and political hysterics.

The guy had an assault rifle.

*I have tried to give approximate full scale images

Issue #3

I fired my first BB gun at 10, my first .22LR and .303 at 13, my first Bren Light Machine Gun at 14. I was a military weapons tech for 20+ years, I hunted and shot competition, civil and military.

I have used the AR-15 (and M-16 military) and I am not impressed by either, this rifle is neither use nor ornament for a hunter or for competition. It could certainly be handy as a home defender; apart from this I see no other use for this firearm in a civilian setting.

Issue #4

Guns are not the problem!

The problem is doling out prescription anti-depressants like candy.

Of course, Obama would never think to tackle the real problem because Big Pharma wouldn’t donate to his campaigns…

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