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A Bunch of Uncultured Wankers

Dallas-area high school football team Euless Trinity began doing the Polynesian haka before games four years ago.

Police in a small Utah town are being accused of overreacting after using pepper spray to break up a group of Polynesian men and boys performing a traditional dance called the Haka after a high school football game.

The Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune report two officers took action against the dancers who were blocking an exit as players and game officials were trying to leave Thursday night after the Union-Uintah game.

Police say the officers used the pepper spray after failing to break up the crowd, and the incident is under investigation.

Union fan Jason Kelly says the police action was an embarrassment.

A form of the ancient dance from the Maori tribes of New Zealand is performed at football and rugby games around the world.

Source: Globe and Mail

Read more about the evolution of the haka in Utah on Desert News.


Just goes to show what a bunch of uncultured wankers are keeping the people safe in Utah. Considering that Utah has a large Polynesian community, the police should be a little more culturally aware and not running around like a bunch of thugs with pepper spray.

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