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What is the World Coming to?

Gold and silver were good.

Then came money…

Then came the Federal Reserve and stuffed it up.

Then we had credit cards.

Now we have bitcoins.

Bitcoin virtual currency can now be used to pay for pizza

Orders made via the Pizza for Coins website are funnelled to others for preparation and delivery

Pizza can now be bought using the bitcoin virtual currency.

The Pizza for Coins service has been set up by two programmers as a way to boost use of the digital cash.

The service acts as a middleman and converts bitcoins into US dollars that are used to pay for food. It charges a small fee to do the currency exchange.

Paying via bitcoins can also delay an order, warn the site owners, saying the conversion can mean pizza takes up to 80 minutes to be delivered.

While orders for pizza are placed on the Pizza for Coins site, once payment is made they are funnelled to the website of Domino’s pizza to be made and delivered. Links to other pizza companies, such as Pizza Hut and Papa John, would be added soon, said programmers Matt Burkinshaw and Riley Alexander in an explanatory note on the site.

The site, which only works with US addresses, currently offers a limited range of pizzas and toppings. A medium pizza with two toppings costs about 0.71 bitcoins (£12).

Paying via the digital currency also adds a 0.09 bitcoin (£1.50) premium to the price of a pizza to convert the digital money to real dollars. The service’s owners said this conversion charge might change as exchange rates for bitcoins had fluctuated widely. If the service proved successful, charges would be reduced, said its creators.

Bitcoins first appeared in 2009 and are closely linked to the global network of computers that supports the currency and its users. Many people generate or “mine” the coins by participating in that network and a growing number of web stores and online firms accept bitcoins as payment.

They have become a very widely used alternative payments system and one bitcoin is currently worth about £17 ($26).


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Most people don’t even know that Papua exists, nor that it is a part of Indonesia.

What was Dutch New Guinea (in the days of the Dutch East Indies), then Irian Barat, later Irian Jaya and finally renamed in 2002, Papua. With the creation of West Papua in 2007 being the western peninsula of Papua

It is the eastern-most part of Indonesia.

Independence has more recently been a ticklish issue, with several attempts in recent years.

The latest…

Indonesia quashes Papua independence rally

Papuans gather every year to raise the flag, but this year has been particularly violent

Several people have been injured after Indonesian forces fired shots at Papuans gathered to mark 50 years since declaring independence, activists say.

Hundreds of Papuans reportedly danced and sang in a field in Timika, a town near a huge gold mine that has been a flashpoint in the past.

Activists say police fired warning shots after the Morning Star flag, a banned independence symbol, was raised.

But police say they dispersed the crowds using peaceful methods.

They claim reports of the incident have been exaggerated: “There were three places where the flag was raised, but so far there has been no arrests,” Papua police spokesman Wachyono told BBC Indonesia.

But activists said that several people were injured when the police opened fire.

“Police and military attacked the mass and shot four people after the raising of Morning Star flag,” local activist Markus Haluk told the Jakarta Globe newspaper.

Elsewhere in Papua Province there were sporadic outbreaks of violence, and at least one police officer was wounded in an attack.

Accusations of abuse

Papua declared independence 50 years ago when the former colonial rulers the Dutch pulled out.

But it was put under UN protection a year later amid a sovereignty dispute with Indonesia, which claimed the resource-rich area.

And Indonesia eventually took over in 1969 after a controversial referendum.

Since then, some Papuans have fought a violent campaign for independence from Jakarta.

Rights groups have accused the Indonesian security forces of widespread human rights abuses, and the government of continuing repression.

The illegal symbol of independence - The Morning Star flag

Several people have received long jail terms simply for raising the Morning Star flag.

The operation of the Grasberg gold and copper mine by US firm Freeport near Timika has proved particularly controversial.

Workers’ groups accuse the firm of exploiting the workforce and giving nothing back to the community – allegations denied by Freeport.

Miners have been striking at the facility for months, and sporadic violence has broken out.


Source: BBC News

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