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Occupy Oakland seeks strike after Scott Olsen injury

Occupy Wall Street organisers say Scott Olsen was hit in the head with a police tear gas canister

Activists taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city.

The call to strike on 2 November emerged as protesters gathered late on Wednesday, one day after clashes with police left an Iraq veteran badly hurt.

On Tuesday evening police used tear gas and baton rounds to force protesters to leave their camp. Many have now called for the mayor of Oakland to resign.

Occupy Wall Street protests are now in their sixth week.

On Wednesday night up to 1,000 people filled the plaza outside Oakland’s City Hall to continue the protest, groups of people marched down the streets, reports said.

There were no clashes with police on Wednesday night, and the numbers on the streets were smaller than the previous night.


The man injured on Tuesday was named as Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old former US marine who, according to his friends, has served two tours in Iraq.

He remains in hospital with a fractured skull, but reports say his condition has improved from critical to fair and the veteran has been moved into an intensive care unit.

He was struck in the head with a heavy object, but it is not known what kind of object or who might have thrown it.

Source: BBC News

Well, here you have it.  One ex-Marine – a combat veteran – took a rubber round in the head.  He is in critical condition and may die.  That was not a mistake; that was aimed fire and an intentional assassination.  Sorry folks, that’s facts – from 50′ you don’t “miss” and hit someone in the head with these things if you’re shooting for the legs or other non-vital parts.  He was shot in the head by someone who aimed for the head.  Those projectiles are not “non-lethal” and the bomb thrown by a cop at the people trying to come to his assistance after he fell wasn’t tossed accidentally either.



Any action against peaceful protesters should be met with strike action, this time, and again and again until the government capitulate and start prosecuting the thieves.

The police are supposed to be PROTECTING the people, not just serving the 1%. This is proof that the ‘guardians’ of law and order have been bought lock, stock and tear gas.

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