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Olympic Games security

It appears as if G4S has screwed up.

Olympic Games security: May to make urgent statement

Home Secretary Theresa May is to make an urgent statement in the Commons on Olympics security, after it emerged an extra 3,500 troops were needed.

The defence secretary had been due to submit a written statement but Labour tabled an urgent question to the House.

The troops are in addition to 13,500 already agreed, amid fears contractor G4S may not have enough trained staff.

G4S said it had “encountered some delays” in processing applicants through the final stages of training.

Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, tabled an urgent question to the government on Olympics security after earlier saying he would write to the home secretary for an explanation.

He said he was “deeply concerned” that G4S were unable to deliver their contract and that “the Home Office have left contingency plans to the last moment”.

Mr Vaz said he had also asked G4S’s chief executive and chairman to appear before the committee next week.

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If G4S has screwed up, the solution is simple…

Stop pussy-footing around.

Don’t pay the bastards!

Save England £300m and use the army.


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