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Fukushima: The Monster Under Our Bed

by Chautauqua

“I sit back, thinking maybe if I distance myself enough perhaps the bigger picture will reveal itself to me; but alas, even that does not help me understand the seemingly planet wide denial regarding Fukushima. Here we are approaching the two year anniversary of that continuously erupting nuclear volcano in Japan; and not only has no progress been made, but it’s looking like no attempt at progress has been made. In point of fact, Tepco and the Japanese government have done many things which just make the disaster even worse. It absolutely defies logic that the evacuation zones were rescinded, back to three miles from the laughably inadequate twelve miles, but they were! I could scarcely believe it several months ago when correspondent Yoichi Shimatsu reported that the Japanese government was collecting tsunami debris and burning it at many incineration sites across Japan. By burning already contaminated material you are essentially causing a re-release of fallout back into the environment, compounding the damage, both short & long term. It sounds like self-inflicted genocide to keep the population in place and encourage them to eat contaminated food and ignore the fallout, but that is exactly what is happening. Despite official denial, they say that Tokyo is now as badly contaminated in places as the town of Fukushima.


For nearly two years now Tepco has been dumping highly radioactive waste water directly into the Pacific ocean, in flagrant violation of international & environmental laws. This of course does not include the plume of radiation which continues to be emitted from the site of three core meltdowns even as its tendrils of death continue encircling the Earth. Meanwhile in the mainstream media there is scant mention of the worst environmental disaster Earth has seen since the Permian extinction. Nary a word about the ever growing cloud of cancerous death enveloping the planet or the fact we have allowed the Japanese government & Tepco to effectively kill the Pacific ocean without so much as a wrist slap or fine…and we’re fine with that it seems. What scant reference there is in the mainstream media about Fukushima is engineered drivel to encourage folks to think the problem has just magically gone away. It hasn’t.

Source: Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly Read more

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Japan Must Find Alternatives to Nuclear Power

Japan PM Noda says two nuclear reactors ‘must restart’

Mr Noda is trying to convince the public that nuclear power is vital

Japan must restart two nuclear reactors to protect the country’s economy and livelihoods, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has said in a televised broadcast.

Measures to ensure the safety of two reactors at western Japan’s Ohi nuclear plant have been undertaken, he said.

Since last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s 50 reactors have been shut down for routine maintenance.

The crisis fuelled immense public opposition to nuclear power, but Japan is facing a summer of power shortages.

Japan’s last nuclear shut down for routine maintenance was in May. When the third reactor at the Tomari plant in Hokkaido prefecture was switched off, Japan was left without energy from atomic power for the first time in more than 40 years.

Public confidence in nuclear safety was shaken by the meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant, triggered by last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

“Cheap and stable electricity is vital. If all the reactors that previously provided 30% of Japan’s electricity supply are halted, or kept idle, Japanese society cannot survive,” Mr Noda said.

Source: BBC News Read more


The rest of the world is in danger so the Japanese can advertise

The issue is not Japanese survival, the issue is planetary survival!

Japan needs to look at other forms of energy, regardless of the cost.

The non-essential use of electricity in Japan needs to be rationalised. The rest of the world is in danger while Japanese neons lights glow prettily in every street in every city.

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world.

It is the wrong place to have nuclear power!

Fukushima has shown clearly that any failure of nuclear reactors has the potential to destroy the northern hemisphere, if not the whole planet, and they are worried about not having the power for their precious electrically dominated society.

The crisis isn’t over yet.

Fukishima has released radiation in various forms into the atmosphere, into the sea. The radiation has already spread to the EAST coast of the USA and beyond and still they want to have nuclear power.

If the damaged cooling towers so much as cracks or collapses, the radiation levels will reach 85x that that has already been released.

Remember Chernobyl?

Fukushima has already dwarfed Chernobyl.

Remember this equation:

Fukushima = Chernobyl on Steroids

If such a collapse happens, will the last person alive in the northern hemisphere please turn out the lights.

Japan, forget nuclear power as an option,

you have to for the survival of the planet.

You say that you need it for the county’s economy and livelihoods, if there is a highly probable collapse, the economy and livelihoods are the last thing you will worry about.

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Contamination… again

Mercury contaminated tuna

And now the tuna has been contaminated with Cs137 & Cs134 – 10x above normal.

For radioactive Cesium (Cs), there is no normal! It does not exist in nature, only as residue since a-bomb tests in 1945 began as radioactive fallout.

Health officials say the levels are too low to be a worry…

Any level of radioactivity is a worry.

We should be worried!

First mercury, now cesium, what next? The fish  is becoming a cesspool!


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Japan’s Meiji recalls baby milk after caesium find

Meiji Baby Formula

Japanese milk powder maker Meiji has recalled its baby formula after discovering radioactive caesium in the product.

Shares in the firm fell 10% in early trading in Tokyo after it said it would recall 400,000 cans of the formula.

Meiji produces the milk, which is only sold in Japan, in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo.

The factory’s location is within 200 miles (320km) of the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant.

The recall was started after tests found up to 30.8 becquerels of caesium per kilo of Meiji Step powdered milk.

The level is below recommended limits set by the Japanese government, but Meiji has gone ahead with the recall.

Milk powder is the latest foodstuff to be affected by radioactivity in Japan after shipments of beef were banned in August and rice in September, also for caesium contamination.

Source: BBC News


Japan has created it’s own demise and helped to poison the rest of the world.

Through Chernobyl and now Fukushima we have learned too much, too late.

Mankind is slowly but surely determined through its own stupidity and greed to make this planet untenable.

Nuclear power should be banned. Future nuclear plants or plans stopped, and those in use shutdown.

It is time to set damage control in motion.

Our dependence on energy is destroying us. Hydrocarbons poisoning the atmosphere, radioactivity poisoning the earth, pollution destroying food source habitats.

It will soon become a case of “Will the last man alive please turn out the lights!”

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