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The Truth Behind Obama’s “Change”

Do you remember this?

Obama promised “Change!”

Well, he delivered…

He changed this,

Into this:

And you got this:

So, stop bitching, you got the change that he promised.

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Concentration Camps here in America… Impossible

Don’t be put off by this headline, keep reading…

Elizabeth Taylor jewellery auction fetches $116m

A collection of jewels owned by the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor has fetched $116m (£74.9m) at a New York auction.

La Peregrina sold for a record $10.5m before auction fees were added

Christie’s sale of 80 items had been estimated to raise about $20m (£13m), but took more than double the record for a single collection.

The highlight was a necklace featuring a 16th Century pearl which sold for $11.8m (£7.6m), a record for the gem.

The actress’ famous 33.19-carat diamond ring, given to her by Richard Burton, also sold for $8.8m (£5.7m).

The pearl, known as La Peregrina, has been depicted in artwork for centuries and was once painted by 17th Century Spanish artist Velazquez.

Burton, who married Dame Elizabeth twice, bought the pearl in 1969 at auction for $37,000 (£23,800).

It was once owned by Mary Tudor and later by Spanish queens Margarita and Isabel.

The actress commissioned Cartier to design a ruby-and-diamond necklace mount for the piece.


Who gives a shit?

While the world concentrates on the trivialities of the world the governments are running amok.

Why not news like:

National Defense Authorization Act (Senate Bill 1867)

By a vote of 93-7 the Senate this month approved a military appropriations bill empowering the government to designate any U.S. citizen within the country as a terrorist and to have the military hold him indefinitely without trial and without the right to habeas corpus, the right to be brought before a court for a judgment on the legality of one’s imprisonment. In effect the legislation is a declaration of martial law throughout the country.

or how about this:

“The Real Reason Why U.S. Unemployment Will Remain High”

or, perhaps this:

“FEMA Camps: Of Course, That Could Never Happen Here…”

or supported by this:

“FEMA Camps On 72 Hour Notice AND Military Authorized To Arrest- VERIFIED”

KBR (security corporation which handles FEMA emergency camps) put out a call to staff these FEMA camps.. and to be ready on a 72 hour notice. Take these two events together… same week… FEMA camps being alerted to staff on a short notice, and the US military authorized to arrest people at the drop of a hat.

There is so much shit going down, that it is hard to keep track of it all.

My interpretation of these FEMA Camps is not rosy.

They are Concentration Camps, yup Concentration Camps, just like the Nazis had in WW II. The shocking thing is they are set up for gassing. Gassing who? The detainees. Who are the detainees? They could be you, you are reading this blog, therefore you are a domestic terrorist.

“Impossible!” You all cry in unison.

Then explain to me why the gas ducts (presumably for heating which the buildings never had heating before) goes in one end of the building, while the boilers are at the other end some hundred + metres away.

Funny Side

Oh yes, there is a funny side to all of this…

The 93 senators who voted for this bill have just given the military, or president, or whomever the power to label them as domestic terrorists too if they should prove to be difficult to manage.

In effect, the 93 senators have possibly just signed their own death warrants. And, the fools can’t see it.

I think that’s funny, if not funny, then at least it is poetic justice.

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