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Paranoic Politicians

This time in Malaysia…

Malaysia leader Anwar Ibrahim faces charges over rally

Mr Anwar could be banned from running for public office if convicted

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is facing criminal charges for his role in a mass street rally against the government, his lawyers say.

The charges of violating a ban on street protests comes amid rising political tensions with elections expected to be called soon.

If convicted, he could be banned from running for office.

Mr Anwar addressed thousands of people who attended a rally held on 28 April to call for electoral reforms.

Protesters marched in the capital, in one of the largest rallies in the country in the past decade, calling for changes to the electoral system.

They believe the current arrangements will benefit Prime Minister Najib Razak’s long-ruling coalition in forthcoming elections.

The protests turned violent, however, with hundreds arrested as police used tear gas and clubs to break up the rally.

‘Fresh attempt’

Mr Anwar will be facing two charges – including contravening the country’s illegal assemblies act – in a Kuala Lumpur court on Tuesday, his lawyers said.

“This is a fresh attempt to bar Anwar from participating in the elections,” his lawyer, Sivarasa Rasiah, told news agency Agence-France Presse.

“The sodomy allegations failed, and now this is a new attempt to disqualify him.”

Mr Anwar may be fined and his lawyers say that he could lose his parliamentary seat and face restrictions on running again if convicted.


Politicians only ban protest rallies if they fear the opposition and the people.



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The Church Remains in the Dark Ages

Catholic leader calls government’s gay marriage plans ‘madness’

Cardinal Keith O’Brien accuses coalition of trying to ‘redefine reality’ with plans to legalise gay marriage

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who said allowing gay marriage would 'eliminate in law the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child'. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

A Catholic church leader has called the government’s plans for gay marriage “madness” and a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right”.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the leader of the Catholic church in Scotland, also accused the coalition of trying to “redefine reality”.

In an article for the Sunday Telegraph, he says the prime minister is a “passionate” advocate of the change and told his party two years ago he supported gay marriage “because I am a Conservative”.

O’Brien wrote: “Since all the legal rights of marriage are already available to homosexual couples, it is clear that this proposal is not about rights, but rather is an attempt to redefine marriage for the whole of society at the behest of a small minority of activists.

“Same-sex marriage would eliminate entirely in law the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child. It would create a society which deliberately chooses to deprive a child of either a mother or a father.

“Other dangers exist. If marriage can be redefined so that it no longer means a man and a woman but two men or two women, why stop there? Why not allow three men or a woman and two men to constitute a marriage, if they pledge their fidelity to one another?”

Source: The Guardian Read more


The church exists to control people through fear. As we progress from the Dark Ages, the church knows that it is losing its grip and it is the church who fears.

Marriage was invented by the church, supposedly at the behest of God. We have been brainwashed by the church for centuries where we have come to believe that marriage is the only way and if we consider any variation we are condemned to fire and brimstone for an eternity.

Marriage as defined by the church goes against nature’s instincts, in fact it is an abomination in the sight of Mother Nature.

When I look at the church’s track record, inquisitions, genocide, wars, etc I am appalled that people can simply say “It is the will of God.”  What a bunch of sanctimonious arseholes?

This vitriolic attack by a leader of the people shows how outdated the church is, and it is high time for it to be brought, screaming if necessary, into the 21st Century. Reality needs to be redefined.

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