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The Bloody Cheek of it!

Lance Armstrong questions punishment

Lance Armstrong has questioned whether he deserves his “death penalty” punishment which means he is banned from all sports because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The cyclist compared his lifelong ban to six-month penalties given to others.

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He deserves more .

“admitted he was “sick” and “narcissistic””

He should be castrated as well! We don’t need these genes in the world’s gene pool!

I have not seen the interview nor read all the crap in the news about him. He doesn’t even deserve the notoriety of his actions. His memory should be expunged from the world of sport as though he never existed.

There is nothing he could say, nothing that could be printed by journalists that could mitigate his actions. He should simply be forgotten and never allowed to appear in public media again.

In regards to sport generally, the corruption, violence and scandals, sport has ceased to be sport and it is high time that some drastic steps were taken to return sport to it’s former glory.


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American, culturally, socially & ideaologically inept

A good example of example of why the world is seeing Americans as assholes.

Texas set to execute death row inmate diagnosed as ‘mentally retarded’

Marvin Wilson’s planned execution draws spotlight on state’s lack of accepted standard for who qualifies as mentally disabled

Barring intervention from the US supreme court, Wilson will be executed in the state’s death chamber on Tuesday. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A death row prisoner who has been medically diagnosed as “mentally retarded” and therefore exempt from execution is set to die on Tuesday in Texas, a state that rejects scientific consensus and instead applies its own definition of learning difficulties based on a character in a John Steinbeck novel.

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Really, sanity is based on Steinbeck. How ridiculous and cavalier.

Texas is inhabited by idiots when this type of thing happens. The idiots are the ones that voted these mental retards into power.

“Texas, by contrast, applying its Lennie Small criteria, carried out not a single cognitive assessment of Wilson. It adduced no evidence and requested no testimony.” – The Guardian.

And Americans stand casually by and wonder why the world is beginning to hate them.

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