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China ‘IT menace’

Google boss Schmidt labels China an ‘IT menace’

Eric Schmidt reportedly labels China “the most prolific” hacker of foreign companies

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt uses a new book to call China an Internet menace that backs cyber-crime for economic and political gain, reports say.

The New Digital Age – due for release in April – reportedly brands China “the world’s most active and enthusiastic filterer of information”.

China is “the most sophisticated and prolific” hacker of foreign companies, according to a review obtained by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

China denies allegations of hacking.

Revolution coming?

Beijing has been accused by several governments, foreign companies and organisations of carrying out extensive cyber espionage for many years, seeking to gather information and to control China’s image.

The New Digital Age analyses how China is dangerously exploiting an Internet that now permeates politics, business, culture and other aspects of life, the WSJ says.

It quotes the book as saying: “The disparity between American and Chinese firms and their tactics will put both the government and the companies of the United States at a distinct disadvantage.”

This, it says, is because Washington “will not take the same path of digital corporate espionage, as its laws are much stricter (and better enforced) and because illicit competition violates the American sense of fair play”.

The book argues that Western governments could do more to follow China’s lead and develop stronger relationships between the state and technology companies.

States will benefit if they use software and technology made by trusted companies, it suggests.

“Where Huawei gains market share, the influence and reach of China grow as well,” the WSJ quoted the authors as writing.

The WSJ this week said its computer systems had been hacked by specialists in China who were trying to monitor its China coverage.

It was the second reported attack on a major US news outlet in days, as the New York Times reported earlier that Chinese hackers had “persistently” penetrated its systems for the last four months.

China’s foreign ministry dismissed the New York Times’ accusations as “groundless” and “totally irresponsible”.


With all the evidence available, it is obvious that China is lying through its teeth. Not only that, but they must think we are totally stupid to believe their denials.

I have no doubt that the Americans and others are also hacking the Chinese net. I am not painting the west as lily white.

But one has to wonder at the technological gains that China has made in the last few years, they didn’t do it all so fast on their own.


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When Governments are Afraid of Blogs

Then there is s need for blogs.

Blogs are the voice of the people. It doesn’t matter if the blogger is a housewife, or a journalist. They are people voicing their opinions.

If the opinions are anti-government, then there is something wrong with the government, not the people voicing their opinions.

Vietnam prime minister targets anti-government blogs

Human Rights Watch says Vietnam is continuing to jail bloggers and activists

Vietnam’s prime minister has hit out at three blogs critical of the government, ordering that those behind them be ”seriously punished”.

A statement on a government website said PM Nguyen Tan Dung had ordered police to investigate and take action against those responsible.

He has also ordered civil servants not to read the blogs, which he said, had “agitated against… the state”.

Media in Vietnam is state-owned and operates under strict regulations.

Three blogs – including the popular Dan Lam Bao (People Doing Journalism) and Quan Lam Bao (Officials Doing Journalism) – were named in the government statement.

“This is a wicked plot of the hostile forces,” the statement said, adding that the blogs had “slandered the country’s leadership, fabricated and distorted information, agitated against the party and the state, and caused suspicion and mistrust in society”.

‘Secret world’

Two of the blogs said they would keep publishing, with one saying its bloggers were prepared to be jailed.

The government, which does not allow freedom of expression, has been under pressure from a number of blogs and bloggers over corruption cases or human rights issues.

“Dan Lam Bao and its companions are prepared to be repressed and imprisoned rather than leading the life of a dumb dog that dares not to bark, subservient to those who abuse their power,” one of the blogs being targeted said in response to the statement.

Quan Lam Bao began publishing only in May but quickly became one of the most popular blogs in Vietnam.

It mostly publishes unverified sensational news about the power struggle at the top of the leadership and details of personal lives of Communist Party leaders, says the BBC’s Nga Pham.

In an atmosphere lacking information and transparency, it offers a glimpse – albeit unsourced in many cases – into the secret world of these leaders, our correspondent says.

The blog also clearly targets the prime minister and this may be the reason why he is targeting the blog, she adds.

Human Rights Watch has accused the Vietnamese government of jailing dozens of bloggers and peaceful activists.

In July, the mother of a prominent blogger died after setting herself on fire to protest against the detention of her daughter, Ta Phong Tan, who is among a group of bloggers facing charges of anti-state propaganda.


Any government, Vietnam included, who is afraid of blogs has good reason, because the blogger is the power of the people.

Any government who controls any form of media needs to be removed.

Vietnam is not alone in this struggle, there are many countries around the world who are in the same boat; even the ‘mighty’ USA dictates what mainstream media can and cannot print.

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Saturday Satire

Huge cloud formation above Beijing – The Telegraph

Chinese authorities have censored all weather reports after this cloud formation appeared over Beijing. The threatening nature of the phenomenon was considered to be an ominous sign for the communist regime and felt it was not in the ‘interest’ of the people to be informed.

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China bans Tiananmen Square-related web search terms

Many Chinese born after the crackdown may not know that it ever happened

Chinese authorities have blocked internet access to search terms related to the 23rd anniversary of the 1989 crackdown against protesters at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Terms such as “six four”, “23”, “candle” and “never forget”, typed in Chinese search engines, do not return any information about the event.

Discussions of the unrest of 4 June 1989 remain taboo in the country.

But some users managed to upload a few pictures on to Twitter-like Sina Weibo.

In 1989, troops shot dead hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gathered in central Beijing.

Source: BBC News Read more


I guess that’s why there are only 3 hits against the Chinese flag on my counter… I was surprised there was 3.

I guess my blog is as good as banned.

Paranoia is a terrible affliction.

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The Paranoia of Truth

Chen Guangcheng’s escape sparks China round-up

Hu Jia (R) met Chen Guangcheng (L) after his escape, and was later detained

Chinese authorities have begun to round up relatives and associates of blind activist Chen Guangcheng, who fled from house arrest last week, reports say.

Several people involved in Mr Chen’s escape have been detained or have disappeared in recent days, and fellow activist Hu Jia is being questioned.

Mr Chen is believed to be sheltering at the US embassy in Beijing.

The US and international rights groups have frequently expressed alarm at the treatment of Mr Chen and his family.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has demanded his release in the past, is due in China this week for a previously arranged meeting which is now likely to be overshadowed by Mr Chen’s case.

The US government has not so far commented publicly on the whereabouts of Mr Chen.

Analysts say the issue will be highly sensitive for both sides, and will not be easy to resolve.

If Mr Chen is in the embassy, his case will raise memories of an incident in 1989 when another prominent activist, Fang Lizhi, fled to the US mission in Beijing.

He remained there for more than a year while the two sides attempted to broker a deal.

‘Shameful saga’

Mr Chen was placed under house arrest in 2010 after spending more than four years in jail for disrupting traffic and damaging property.

He had exposed how local authorities in Linyi, Shandong province, forced thousands of women to have abortions or be sterilised as part of China’s one-child policy.

His colleagues said last Sunday’s escape had taken months to plan, and was carried out with the help of a network of friends and activists.

He scaled the wall that the authorities had built around his house, and was driven hundreds of miles to Beijing, where activists say he stayed in safe-houses before fleeing to the embassy.

His wife and six-year-old daughter remain under house arrest, but several of his family members have been detained and others are being sought by the authorities.

One of Mr Chen’s friends, He Peirong – who wrote on her microblog that she had driven him to Beijing – is believed to have been detained in the city of Nanjing.

“I was actually talking to her and the last words she said were ‘the PSB [Public Security Bureau] has arrived,'” said Bob Fu, of the US-based ChinaAid pressure group.

Her microblog was later deleted, and all searches on popular microblogging sites for Mr Chen’s name and other related terms were being blocked by the censors.

Source: BBC News Read more of the story


And the world continues to treat China as a trading partner, an off-shore factory where they can make cheaper products.

If China has to go through these contortions to keep the people submissive then there must be something seriously wrong.

Paranoia is a terrible thing.

The world boycotts and pressurises others, Syria, Iran, etc over various issues but touch the sacred cow.

Each day it gets worse, China grows from strength to strength at the expense of the world and its people.

China’s ambition is world domination; and it is well on the way.

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China has One Thing Almost Right

China to limit ‘vulgar’ reality television shows

Satellite television channels are hugely popular in China, but often fall foul of authorities

China is to clamp down on the number of entertainment shows broadcast on satellite television channels in a bid to boost public morality.

Authorities are concerned at the “vulgar tendencies” of light entertainment shows, particularly reality TV, dating and talk shows.

From next year, satellite channels will each be permitted to screen only two programmes of this type a week.

Networks will be required to promote “socialist core values” instead.

Source: BBC News Read more


Well, congratulations, almost, to China.

The clamp down on reality TV should be global. It is the worst type of TV, it is banal, it is keeping people from the real issues of the day like the US government’s slights of hand.

Really the same needs to be said of the majority of soap operas and other crap that is being served into the world’s homes on a daily basis.

The thing that the Chinese haven’t got right is the “socialist core values” bit. Haven’t they discovered yet that it doesn’t work. Well, they probably have, but while it works for the elite bugger the people.

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945). The Chinese haven’t figured that out yet.

But I do agree on their stance on reality TV. Now, I am not talking censorship, I am talking about the criminal lambasting of the people with banal rubbish that deadens the mind, that is TV’s excuse for programming.

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China Makes Wukan Disappear

The row - over village land taken by the local government - has been raging since September

I read earlier on BBC News that China has made Wukan disappear. All references to the protests have been censored on the internet, and now that I have decided to write about it… the article on BBC News has disappeared, leaving only the previous reference.

Source: BBC News, read the original story.


You can always tell a despotic government. They are the ones who just make things ‘disappear’ from the internet.

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