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The War in Syria and what we can do to help against a 21st Century War Criminal

The War in Syria and what we can do to help against a 21st Century War Criminal.

Todays posting isn’t going to be about some wishy-washy subject.  I’m going to write about something important and something which is killing thousands of people every month, the civil uprising and war in Syria.   I’m writing because it is important and we CAN do something.  Up to 5000 people a month visit this blog, that is a lot of people who can do something.  It is also the same number of people who are dying each month in Syria.

Peaceful Civilian marches and demonstrations for democracy and free elections in Syria.

For over 2 years now, the brave people of Syria have been rebelling against their dictator.  At first the protests were peaceful and to a degree they were tolerated.  The Syrians were enthused by the democratic changes taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya as well as protests throughout the Middle-East as part of the Arab Spring.   Their target was the overthrow of the Assad regime who have ruled over Syria for decades.   The President, Bashar Assad, was never brought up to be a President (read Dictator), he spent much time in London working to become a specialist optician but his elder brother was killed in a car crash and he was quickly and badly groomed to succeed his father.  He was destined to become an eye doctor but now Bashar Al-Assad is simply Dr Death, the first great war criminal of the 21st Century.

via Stephen Liddell Blog – Read more. Warning some photos on this post are not for people with a weak disposition.

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Assad: remove me and risk instability

Middle East will be unstable for decades if rebels take Syria, says Assad

Syrian leader warns of domino effect and accuses Arab neighbours of sheltering rebels who seek to overthrow him

Bashar al-Assad has called Turkey’s leaders ‘foolish and immature’ for helping Syrian rebels who seek his removal from power. Photograph: Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has warned that the Middle East faces being destabilised for decades if rebel forces battling to overthrow him succeed.

Assad, locked in a two-year conflict he says has been fuelled by his regional enemies, also criticised Turkey’s “foolish and immature” leaders and accused Arab neighbours of arming and sheltering rebel fighters.

“If the unrest in Syria leads to the partitioning of the country, or if the terrorist forces take control … the situation will inevitably spill over into neighbouring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond,” he said in an interview with Turkish television.

Turmoil would spread “east, west, north and south. This will lead to a state of instability for years and maybe decades to come,” Assad said in the interview, posted by the Syrian presidency on the internet.

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The chances are that the Middle East will become destabilised, but Syria will be rid of a despot who is determined to kill as many of his countrymen as necessary to cling to his power.

The figure of 70,000 has been bandied about for more than two months now, with many days seeing 100+ up to 170 being killed daily, the true figure must be broaching 90,000, if not more.

The sooner Bashar al-Bastard is gone, the better for Syria. But the worrying factor is the Jihadist groups who have jumped on the bandwagon; they will be the destabilising factor, not the legitimate Syrian rebels.


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Forget the Peace Plan

It must be obvious to even the blind that Bashar al-Bastard has no intention, nor did he ever contemplate, abiding by the peace plan.

Now that the UN Peacekeeping Force has decided to end their mission because of the dangers al-Bastard is free to continue as before or indeed worsen the attacks on the phantoms in his head.

The bombings, destruction, slaughter of innocents has only worsened since the date of the ceasefire. al-Bastard is thumbing his nose at the world.

The veto by Russia on western intervention and then to be caught with its pants down sending a ship load of arms and the supply of attack helicopters to the regime needs to be looked at very very closely by the UN. Such duplicity, is treason. They need to be removed from the Security Council because obviously they cannot be trusted… security implies trust, after all.

Russian Mi-35 Attack Helicopter

“all military-technical cooperation with Syria is limited to defensive weapons”. “As regards helicopters, there were planned overhauls of equipment supplied many years ago,” the ministry said.
The ministry statement follows a denial by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “We are not delivering to Syria, or anywhere else, items that could be used against peaceful demonstrators,” he said.
The ministry’s statement follows claims by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Russia was supplying helicopters to Syria that were being used against civilians.
Clinton later clarified her statements, acknowledging that Russia was returning used equipment to Syria.
“Whether they are new or they are refurbished, the concern remains that they will be used for the exact same purpose that the current helicopters in Syria are being used, and that is to kill civilians,” Source: Can-India Read more

That statement itself proves that the Russians are updating contracts signed years ago, thus sidetracking the supply of ‘new’ weapons.Returning, or sending… it doesn’t matter, they are supplying arms to al-Bastard.

Look at that machine of destruction above!

What hope have the opposition forces against such technology? How can a mother protect her children from the hellfire sent from above?

“limited to defensive” WTF is Lavrov trying to kid? Defense of whom?

A responsible attitude by the Russians would have been to withhold the arms and helicopters until the situation was resolved…

The ball game has been changed by the Russians. They arm the regime, then it is only just that the world arm the opposition so they can defend themselves and the Syrian people…

“Oh but that’s creating a civil war!” You all cry in unison.

The civil war was declared when al-Bastard killed his first civilian! Any idea that the situation in Syria has been anything but a civil war is pure naïvete.

Meanwhile, thumbs are twiddled and Syrian women and children die!


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What’s al-Bastard Hiding?

Syria UN team ‘shot at’ near Qubair ‘massacre site’

Ban Ki-moon: “UN monitors were shot at”

The head of the UN has said monitors trying to reach the Syrian village of Qubair, where 78 people are said to have been killed, were fired upon.

None were hurt in the shooting but they have pulled back for the night.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the “killing of innocents” at Qubair as “shocking and sickening”.

Envoy Kofi Annan told the UN Security Council the crisis could soon “spiral out of control”, diplomats said.

Mr Annan earlier told the General Assembly his six-point peace plan was not being implemented despite having been accepted by Damascus.

Opposition activists blame the killings at Qubair on pro-government forces but the government accuses “terrorists”.

The White House said it strongly condemned “the outrageous targeted killings of civilians including women and children” in Qubair.

But both China and Russia repeated their opposition to outside intervention in Syria.

The UN has 297 unarmed observers in Syria to verify the implementation of a peace plan negotiated by Mr Annan. It includes a ceasefire, meant to have taken effect in mid-April.

‘Killing of innocents’

“I just learned a few minutes ago that while trying to [enter Qubair], the UN monitors were shot at with small arms,” Mr Ban told the 193-state assembly in New York.

Addressing a special closed meeting of the Security Council, Mr Annan urged world powers to warn President Bashar al-Assad of “clear consequences” if he did not comply with the six-point peace plan, diplomats said.

Sausan Ghosheh, spokesperson for the UN observer mission in Syria, told the BBC the monitors had been sent home for the night.

“We’re here serving the flag of the United Nations… until now we’re lucky no-one has been injured,” she said.

Speaking earlier in Syria, UN mission chief Gen Robert Mood said Syrian troops had blocked access to Qubair, which is near the western city of Hama.

In a statement, the White House said the killings, coupled with the “Syrian regime’s refusal to let UN observers into the area”, were “an affront to human dignity and justice”.

Source: BBC News Read more


The innocent die young in Qubair, these three brothers along with two more, their mother and grandmother were all slaughtered

The world pussy foots around while cowering to Russia and China.

What’s al-Bastard hiding in Qubair?

My guess is proof that his forces were responsible for the latest massacre, in which a whole village was as good as wiped out, men, women, children, all extinguished.

The six point plan for the Syrian ceasefire was, as I predicted, simply an excuse for al-Bastard to continue his bloody slaughter with impunity.

The UN observers have nothing to oversee. There was never and there won’t be a ceasefire as long as al-Bastard is at the helm. The best they can do is act as gathers of evidence for future prosecutions.

Now that UN observers have been met with hostile action; Russia and China MUST come to terms that their Syrian pet is out of control and totally beyond reason. He has fired on friendly forces. The world must now act.

Russia’s response should be to abandon its naval base in Syria and set sail and let the UN do its work.

Because after this mess is over both Russia and China should be held responsible and accountable.

Another Massacre in Syria: Qubair, Hama

It seems that Houla’s effect wasn’t “grand” enough for whatever force killing people in Syria to stop doing so. We all know who that force is but for the sake of keeping this about the people, I won’t throw names.

In the town of Qubair, near Hama in Northern Syria, 78 people have been killed including 35 from the same family. Half of those killed so far are women and children. The death toll is still rising. Did I mention the town counts only a 100 or so resident? They literally killed everyone there.

In the nearby town of Kfarzeita, 6 bodies were found burned till they became charcoal. There’s even a video for that.

In total, the death toll is at 130, more than Houla, and rising.

Source: A separate Sate of Mind Read more and see videos and pictures of the slaughter.

Warning: The content is horribly graphic

Syria unrest: Who are the shabiha?

Syria’s government has blamed “armed criminal gangs and terrorists” for much of the unrest since March 2011, but activists accuse state-sponsored militia of assisting in the crackdown that has left more than 9,000 people dead. Here is what is known about these armed regime supporters, known locally as the “shabiha”.

Shabiha Militia, Syria’s Men in Black

Throughout the uprising, many Syrians have said they have seen heavily-armed men dressed in black fighting alongside the security forces.

The men are accused not only of killing and beating people who attend demonstrations, but also of carrying out a campaign of intimidation that has included executions, drive-by shootings and sectarian attacks.

Activists say their presence has allowed the government to deny any involvement in the most brutal actions against protesters.

“They’re not afraid to use force, violence, weapons, racketeering and blackmail,” Ammar Qurabi of Syria’s National Organization for Human Rights told the Associated Press.

“That way, the regime will remain clean and will say: ‘Look these are gangs doing this, not us’.”


It is not clear exactly who they are and to whom they are loyal, but the term “shabiha” has repeatedly been used to describe them. Possibly derived from the Arabic word for “ghost” (“shabh”), it has come to mean “thugs” in modern day Syria.

Source: BBC News Read more


While it is not officially clear who the shabiha are loyal to, the answer must be al-Bastard if they are fighting alongside his troops and doing their dirty business.





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Hot Air, Rhetoric, Condemnations & Still Syrians Die

Sadly Annan’s Ceasefire plans have failed. Not only failed but given Bashar al-Bastard even more power and time to kill, slaughter and summarily execute anyone who stands in his way, including women and children.

“The UN Human Rights Council has meanwhile begun an emergency session to discuss the violence in Syria.”BBC News More talk, more hot air, and still nothing is being done.

al-Bastard is laughing his socks off – The Russians and the Chinese are protecting him. He knows that the world is afraid of them and that nothing will be done. He knows that as long as Russia and China use their vetoes, he is bullet proof!

If you have a cancer, you have it surgically removed…

al-Bastard is a cancer!

The United Nations is a complete and utter failure in this matter.

Russia and China have castrated the UN.

They are more responsible for all the deaths since the ceasefire date than al-Bastard himself.

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Russia has said in the past that it supports the cease fire efforts of the UN so it’s hard to see how supplying more weapons to Assad’s forces will further that goal. And it’s pretty certain that some of the bullets in that shipment will end up killing innocent civilians.

A high price to pay just to fatten the profits of Russian arms companies.

Source: American Thinker Read more

Russian ship bound for Syria full of arms

No wonder the Russians are preventing the UN Security Council from slapping an arms embargo on Syria.


Syria is one of Russia’s top weapons customers. The United States and European Union have suggested the U.N. Security Council should impose an arms embargo and other U.N. sanctions on Syria for its 14-month assault on a pro-democracy opposition determined to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

But Russia, with the support of fellow veto power China, has prevented the council from imposing any U.N. sanctions on Syria and has refused to halt arms sales to Damascus.

“Al Arabiya have learned that a Russian cargo ship carrying a large amount of weapons plans to unload its cargo in the Syrian port of Tartus,” the broadcaster said on its website on Thursday.

The report said the ship left a Russian port on May 6 and cited a “Western source” as saying that it will dock at Tartus on Saturday.

“The ship is trying to conceal its final destination in a suspicious way,” Al Arabiya said.

Source: American Thinker Read more

I have remained silent on this issue, waiting for the ceasefire.
It appears there won’t be one, as long as the Russians are prepared to arm the incumbent assassins.
Bashar al-Bastard will continue slaughtering Syrians, women and children too. The latest massacre in Houla yesterday with 90+ dead including 32 children under the age of ten. Read the BBC report below.

Syria massacre in Houla condemned as outrage grows

UN observers said they had confirmed the number of dead

Western nations are pressing for a response to the massacre in the Syrian town of Houla, with the US calling for an end to what it called President Bashar al-Assad’s “rule by murder”.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this week.

The UN has confirmed the deaths of at least 90 people in Houla, including 32 children under the age of 10.

The Syrian government blamed the deaths on “armed terrorist gangs”.

Houla, in the central province of Homs, came under sustained bombardment by the Syrian army after demonstrations on Friday.

Activists say some of the victims died by shelling, while others were summarily executed by the regime militia known as the “shabiha”.

‘Flagrant violation’

The killings have sparked a chorus of international condemnation.

The EU, Arab League, France, Britain and Germany all expressed shock over the incident and called for an intensification of pressure on the Assad government, while the UN demanded that Syria stop using heavy weapons in populated areas.

Source: BBC News Read more

Cyprus stops Russian ship with ammunition cargo for Syria

Photographed by AFP

NICOSIA, Cyprus — A Russian ship that made an unscheduled stop in Cyprus while carrying tons of arms to Syria was technically violating an EU embargo on such shipments. But the vessel was allowed to continue its journey Wednesday after changing its destination, Cypriot officials said.

The cargo ship, owned by St. Petersburg-based Westberg Ltd., left that Russian port on 9 December for Turkey and Syria, which is 105km east of Cyprus, the officials said.

Russia and Turkey are not members of the European Union, so such a route would not have violated the embargo the bloc imposed in protest at Syria’s crackdown on the uprising against President Bashar Assad’s rule.

But the Chariot, a St. Vincent and Grenadines-flagged ship, dropped anchor off the southern Cypriot port of Limassol on Tuesday because of high seas, drawing the attention of Cypriot officials.

Customs officials boarded the ship to examine its cargo, but couldn’t open and inspect the four containers because of “the confined space” they were stored in, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Nevertheless, the officials determined they were holding a “dangerous cargo.”

State radio in Cyprus went further, saying the vessel was carrying “tens of tons of munitions.”

Source: Egypt Independent Read more


al-Bastard’s imaginary “armed terrorist gangs” apparently include children under 10 years of age, dangerous little tykes, aren’t they? Have to be eliminated.

As for blaming the same “armed terrorist gangs”… I have seen several reports that UN observers confirmed that it was indeed al-Bastard’s military who were responsible.

Some months ago I stated that there will be no end to the bloodshed until al-Bastard is surgically removed like the cancer he is.

The procrastinating western world is well on the way to being responsible for the second 10,000 deaths in Syria.

As for this Russian ship taking arms to Syria. It has to be STOPPED! It has to be prevented from delivering arms to the despotic al-Bastard.

If this ship is successful in delivering the arms, RUSSIA HAS FORFEITED ITS RIGHT TO BE ON THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE UN! And should be removed immediately having proved themselves unworthy to be trusted with protecting legitimate Syrians who want a fair governance.

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10th April was a Ploy

The 10th of April was never going to happen!

Bashar al-Bastard was clapping his hands with joy when the UN agreed to 10th April. Wow, 10 more days to slaughter the terrorists in my head and the stupid UN are letting me get away with murder!

With daily reports of accelerated shelling and killing, there was no way al-Bastard had any intentions of keeping the date.

And, in today’s news…

Syria wants ‘written guarantees’ from opposition

The BBC's Jim Muir: "There have been many deaths, mostly from shelling"

Syria’s government wants “written guarantees” from the opposition before it withdraws its troops from flashpoints in parts of the country.

The foreign ministry statement comes two days before a UN-backed deadline for the violence in Syria to cease.

Peace envoy Kofi Annan had “not yet presented written guarantees on the acceptance by armed terrorist groups of a halt to all violence,” it said.

Saturday saw some of the deadliest violence yet.

As many as 160 people were killed, with activists’ videos in the Latamneh suburb of Hama city showing dead bodies being piled up in flatbed vehicles and driven away as distraught residents looked on.

Major new offensives are being reported by activists, not only in the central city of Hama, but also in the north-west province of Idlib and Aleppo, in the far north.

Severe doubt

Under Mr Annan’s six-point plan – which received UN approval last week – all parties will halt armed violence by 10 April, with a full ceasefire on 12 April.

But the foreign ministry said on Sunday that earlier reports that Damascus would pull its troops from cities and their suburbs by Tuesday “is a wrong explanation”.

Source BBC News Read more


Ah, I don’t seem to remember that part of Kofi Annan’s peace plan included “written agreements”. I may be wrong, but I am sure not.

This is just a ploy by al-Bastard to kill time for more ‘killing time.’ It is a ruse to pass the date with no fault.

Time has proved that both Russia and China were categorically wrong and the extra deaths can be laid squarely at their doors. The stalling by their vetoes has simply added about 2,000 more civilian deaths. But, of course, with both their records of human rights, that’s nothing!

al-Bastard wants a complete and unconditional surrender of the Syrian rebel forces.

Once he has this, maybe, just maybe he will stop the shelling of Syrian cities, even then there is no guarantee. But the things that can be guaranteed is there will be a massive manhunt and blood-letting of all those who opposed his pathetic regime; the other guarantee is that none of them will receive a fair trial, if a trial at all. It will be summary executions all round. Hey, great, more killing!

al-Bastard needs to be stopped in his tracks.


The world owes it to the Syrian people. The world needs to act now!



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Front-page editorial in the official al-Baath newspaper

“The Syrian government launched a pre-emptive attack on the [Friends of the Syrian People] conference, with a front-page editorial in the official al-Baath newspaper calling it a “regional and international scramble to search for ways to kill more Syrians, sabotage their society and state and move toward the broad objective of weakening Syria”.”

Source: BBC News

This appears to be a misprint.

It should have read…

Bashar al-Assad’s  scramble to search for ways to kill more Syrians, sabotage their society and state and move toward the broad objective of weakening Syria”.

I apologise for any inconvenience to my readers…

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al-Bastard’s Phantom Terrorists

Syria links troop pullback from cities to ‘security’

Troops remain inside several populated areas

Syrian troops will stay in residential areas of cities until “peace and security” prevail, the government says.

A foreign ministry spokesman made the announcement after the UN’s peace mission to Syria called for troops to be withdrawn as a good faith gesture.

President Bashar al-Assad has nominally accepted a peace plan proposed by UN envoy Kofi Annan.

However fighting has continued between government and opposition forces, with 40 people reportedly killed on Friday.

The UN believes at least 9,000 people have died in the year-long revolt against Mr Assad’s rule.

Many victims are said to have been civilians killed by government shelling.

‘Stop first’

“The presence of the Syrian Arab army in Syrian cities is for defensive purposes [so] as to protect the civilians,” Syrian foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdisi told state media.

“Once peace and security prevail, the army is to pull out.”

On Friday, Mr Annan’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi said the UN envoy expected President Assad to implement the peace plan immediately.

The plan “specifically asks the government to withdraw its troops, to cease using heavy weapons in populated centres”, Mr Fawzi said.

“The very clear implication here is that the government must stop first and then discuss a cessation of hostilities with the other side and with the mediator.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said the peace plan, which was drawn up by the UN and the Arab League, was a “last chance” for Syria to stop the bloodshed.

Damascus, he told the Associated Press news agency in Istanbul, must accept the plan without delay.

“The regime must understand that if they miss this last chance, they will be facing strong measures by the international community,” he said.

Istanbul is hosting a 60-nation gathering of the “Friends of the Syrian People” this weekend aimed at finding ways to help Syria’s opposition.

Source: BBC News


Once again al-Bastard is playing the world for fools citing ‘terrorists’.

There are no terrorists, just Syrian rebels fighting the corrupt incumbent regime of al-Bastard

THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS! The only terrorists are in al-Bastard’s tiny psychopathic head.

There are, however, Syrians rising up against the al-Bastard regime, and rightly so, given his track record.

al-Bastard is only using the word ‘terrorist’ because it is emotive and gives him the justification he needs to ignore the rights of the Syrian people.

Indiscriminate shelling of cities like Homs, killing hundreds of the very civilians that al-Bastard claims to be protecting. He has laid waste to the city without caring about the civilians. His soldiers have slaughtered children, slitting the throats of 12 year olds while their mothers watched. Carrying out hundreds of summery executions with a bullet in the back of the head; these are the actions of someone protecting civilians?

But a psychopath like al-Bastard could never accept this as even a remote possibility. He thinks the majority of Syrians love him. He doesn’t even recognise that he is finished. I would bet he even sleeps peacefully at night secure in the knowledge that what he is doing is right and not a crime against humanity.

I have the greatest respect for Kofi Annan and the attempts at a solution, but al-Bastard is paying lip-service to the peace plan giving the world the finger, using it to destroy more of Syria.

Until al-Bastard mets the same fate as Gaddafi Syria will not have peace.

Bashar al-Bastard cannot be allowed to continue, because he will continue as long as the world lets him.


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Soldiers Slitting the throats of 12 year olds

Talk, talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile Bashar al-Bastard gets away with murder.

The time for talk is over!

The world now has Syrian blood on its hands, poured on by China and Russia when they effectively castrated the UN.

al_Bastard has made the world look like fools.

Syrians fleeing Homs accuse troops of atrocities

"My son's throat was cut. He was 12", one woman told Paul Wood

People fleeing the central Syrian city of Homs have told the BBC that security forces are committing atrocities there.

One woman told the BBC’s Paul Wood on the outskirts of Homs that soldiers had slit the throat of her 12-year-old son on Friday – a day after rebel fighters withdrew from the Baba Amr district.

She said 35 other men and boys from her area had also been detained and killed.

The government has denied the Red Cross access to Baba Amr for four consecutive days, citing security concerns.

Activists have warned of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Electricity, water and communications have been cut off, and in recent days temperatures have plummeted and snow has fallen. Food supplies are said to be dangerously low, and many people are too scared to leave.


On Thursday, government troops backed by tanks entered Baba Amr after the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) announced a “tactical withdrawal”.

While the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its Syrian Red Crescent partners have been waiting to enter the district, state television said it had been “sanitised” of “armed terrorist groups”.

But opposition and human rights activists said security forces and pro-government militia had been rounding up men and boys over the age of 14 who had remained Baba Amr, and had tortured and killed them.

The claims could not be substantiated, but people fleeing Homs also told our correspondent that security forces had been committing atrocities, including summary executions and cutting the throats of prisoners.

One woman, who had walked for three days to escape, said that on Friday troops had taken 36 men and boys from one area and killed them.

“My son’s throat was cut,” she said. “He was 12.”

Her husband said he was hiding about 50m away and saw one soldier hold down their son’s head with his boot while another killed him.

“I could hear their screams,” he added.

Several men who said they had defected from an elite army unit last week told our correspondent that civilians were being targeted deliberately by security forces and their prisoners were being killed.

“A lieutenant gave us the order,” he said. “We were told in this operation: ‘You shoot anything that moves – civilian or military – you shoot at it.’

“An old man was arrested. An officer put a gun to his head. He said: ‘This is for freedom,’ and he shot him.”

Source: BBC News


A woman does not make up a painful story about her son. The reports maybe unverified, but I’d believe them before I believed al-Bastard.

Talk: Futile

Prayers: Futile

Sanctions: Futile

All the above simply empower al-Bastard, giving him more time to commit more atrocities.

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