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The Answer is Clear!

Mitt Romney thanks wealthy donors as Republican strategists search for blame

Romney discusses the campaign failure with donors as fireworks are packed away and Republicans bicker about what went wrong

More brutal Republican critics blamed Mitt Romney for his own loss, describing him as bland, with no clear message Photograph: David Goldman/AP

Recriminations were flying in Republican circles on Thursday as Mitt Romney wound up his campaign, thanking donors and staff, after his defeat at the polls on Tuesday.

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The answer is clear. Romney only needs to look in the mirror and the culprit will be revealed.

Romney never smiled, he can’t. The closest he can come is a grimace, or at best a smirk. Obviously the majority of Americans decided that a grimace or a smirk equals lies, of which Romney’s campaign had plenty. He spent most of the campaign back peddling so fast that I’m surprised he didn’t disappear right up his own ass.

At least Obama had a genuine smile, which promotes honesty, even if he’s not.

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