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Piracy on the Net


Are ‘designed’ to stop internet piracy because the big recording industry is losing money.

My question is…

Where were these infringing laws when the recording industry is the biggest damn pirate the ever existed?

The recording industry has been stealing copyrights to music long before the internet. Who tried to stop the bastards then?


UK Manager Says Major Labels Steal More Music Than Filesharers

The former frontman for the UK band Orange Juice was recently denied the right to post his own song on Myspace due to copyright confusion. Turns out a major label claimed to own it, essentially stealing it. His wife and manager says labels steal more music than filesharers. (Source: The Portastylistic)

Artist’s woes illustrate the problems with copyright in the U.S. and abroad.

Source: Daily Tech Read more


It would seem that the recording industry is squealing like a stuck pig so the governments run to their aid.

When the industry itself has been doing exactly the same thing to artists for years.

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