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Have your Life’s Savings been given a “Haircut”?

Kipper Williams on CyprusMaybe this is the answer…

Keep your money under the mattress, literally!

If your life’s savings haven’t yet had a “Cyprus haircut”, then get your money out of the banks and under your mattress before thy do!

The mattress safe – the latest way to bank with confidence

One Spanish business has hit upon a novel update to an old idea to bypass the country’s banking crisis – a mattress in which you can stash your hard-earned euros

My Mattress Savings Bank features a safe hidden among the bed springs.

Is your money safe in the bank? Obviously not if you deposited large sums in Cyprus – where the decision to raid savings accounts has rung alarm bells in other countries teetering on the bank bailout high-wire.

But what else can you do with those hard-earned pounds, euros or – for Russian tax-dodgers and mafiosi – roubles? Stuffing them under the floorboards or your mattress is hardly a secure option.

Step forward La Caja de Ahorros Mi Colchón, My Mattress Savings Bank, a novel Spanish business that provides you with a mattress that has a safe hidden inside the springs.

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