CFR admits: chemtrails are real

Some conspiracy theories are crazy. Some turn out correct. It now turns out that one of the craziest-sounding and most dismissed conspiracy subjects is actually true: chemtrails.

The revelation comes straight from the horse’s mouth: the Council on Foreign Relation’s own flagship source, Foreign Affairs.

[I]t is becoming increasingly likely that governments will adopt risky strategies, known as “geoengineering,” to rapidly cool the planet. Four years ago, in order to raise awareness about geoengineering, we published “The Geoengineering Option” in Foreign Affairs. Almost nobody thought that such tactics — which included spraying particles into the upper atmosphere to make the earth more reflective, akin to how big volcanoes cool the planet — were a particularly good option. The risks were simply too great and the unknowns too many. . . .

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17 years of denial.

Finally, they admit it!

Chemtrails - image Auguereye

Chemtrails – image Auguereye

“If the spraying of chemtrails is something good, and beneficial to mankind don’t you think the government would be taking credit for it at every opportunity?  But they deny every word, photograph and video, of which there are many thousands by now.  Ponder this for a minute; since the government denies they are spraying the clearly visible chemtrails on a daily basis, around the world, then someone else must be doing it. Since no jet fighters have ever been sent after a chemtrail plane we must assume it’s being done with approval.” – Augureye Express

Now what are the ramifications?

Are heavy metals poisoning the populations?

If they are, who is going to be held accountable?




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