Lying Bastard

CIA nominee John Brennan defends drone strikes

John Brennan’s Senate confirmation hearing is interrupted by CodePink protests


CIA director nominee John Brennan has defended the US drone-strikes programme at a Senate confirmation hearing.

Mr Brennan said the US only took such action as a last resort and was careful to prevent civilian deaths.

The hearing was repeatedly interrupted by protesters as the nominee began to deliver his testimony.

The session comes after lawmakers received secret memos on the rationale for drone strikes on Americans working with al-Qaeda abroad.

Mr Brennan, 57, who is President Barack Obama’s top White House counter-terrorism adviser, was a senior CIA official under President George W Bush.

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“last resort and was careful to prevent civilian deaths.”

Bullshit! Drone attacks are almost a daily occurrence; and figures published elsewhere show that the attacks have been responsible for three innocents killed for every dissident. More than 3,000 innocent men, women and children have died as a result.

The cost is too high!

His confirmation by the panel and Senate is a further demonstration that the American government aren’t interested in the truth, only war and destruction.

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