Why Women in Combat is a HORRIBLE Idea

[Groan] I almost skipped this one… almost. As with any “serious” post I make, first let me back up what I will say and then say my piece. If you disagree with what I say I think there is a nice blog about bunny rabbits a couple posts below mine – read that instead.

Why I have an opinion? Well, for starters I am a KEYBOARD WARRIOR. I am a Vet. I have watched tons of war movies thereby making me an expert on the subject. And I watched Xena Warrior Princess, the TV Show, religiously growing up so I am pretty sure that clearly shows I am highly qualified to speak on this topic, so there.

Women should not be on the forefront of the battlefield. It is NOT that women are less courageous as a whole then men, cannot handle as much pain as men, or have less of a sense of duty or honor. These are not the reasons. Hell, while in the military I met tons of women soldiers that I would have trusted more with a weapon than some of the morons I worked with. That being said, does that mean they should be on the battlefront fighting in wars? No, it does not, and here is why.

Read on…

Why Women in Combat is a HORRIBLE Idea.

via Why Women in Combat is a HORRIBLE Idea.

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