Proof that Obama’s AR-15 Laws are Bullshit

Adam Lanza did NOT use the Ar-15

It was later found in his car.

He took four pistols, not the two earlier reported, into the school, he DID NOT have an assault style weapon in the school.

You don’t believe me?

Check this video clip from NBC News:

Okay, he had one, but it was not used in the school.

So where does that leave all the public hype over assault rifles?

Obama has jumped on this opportunity to begin disarming Americans. In the event of a civilian uprising against the government and it’s economic policies, assault rifles are the government’s biggest concern, so they need to reduce their numbers drastically and in a hurry.

But be assured…

Obama’s AR-15 laws and executive directives are nothing but bullshit!

You’ll notice that there were no immediate measures taken against handguns. Why? Because they do not represent the same threat in a civilian uprising, they can be dealt with later.

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